Play With Your Food: Make a Veggie Butterfly

Create a lovely butterfly using just two fresh veggies: a sweet potato and snap pea!

Fly Guy

This beautiful veggie butterfly is a perfect way to celebrate some of the last days of summer and is simple to create!


To make your butterfly you will need: two toothpicks/a snap pea/a knife (for adult use!)/and a sweet potato. The best shaped potato will be fat in the middle and thinner at the ends so you can cut different sized wings from it.

Create the Large Wings

Begin by cutting two slices, each about a quarter inch thick, from the center of the potato. These will be your butterfly's big wings.

Create the Small Wings

Cut two more slices, about the same thickness, from the narrow end of your potato. These will be your butterfly's small wings.

Touch up the Edges

Trim the skin of the slices, and adjust the shape and size of the wings if necessary. The wings look best if they are a little narrower on one end instead of being perfectly round.

Create the Body

Prepare the body of your butterfly by pushing a toothpick through your snap pea. The toothpick should be about a quarter of the way down the pea. This is where the big wings will attach.

Add the First Wing

Hold one of the large sweet potato slices at an angle, and push it onto the toothpick until it touches the pea.

Now the Second Wing

Repeat with the second large slice. The toothpick will stick out through the far side of your butterfly's wing. You can cut it off, or just leave it since it won't show much when you are finished, especially if you angle the wings outward.

Prepare for the Final Wings

Insert the second toothpick through the pea, behind the large wings.

Add the Small Wings

Add the small slices to the second toothpick, angling them outwards just like you did with the large slices.


Your butterfly is complete and ready to flutter away!

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