Play With Your Food: Make a Cucumber Snake

Create this fresh, green garden snake using a carrot and cucumbers.

Create a Snake!

This striped snake is fun to make and a great snack! Once you have put him together, try adding a light sprinkle of salt and vinegar for a little flavor pop.


To make this garden snake you will need a carrot, two cloves and at least two cucumbers. We used three cucumbers to make our snake longer, but you can use as many or as few as you like. You will also need a paring knife and a vegetable peeler for an adult to use.

Peel the Cucumber

Begin by shaving the peel off of half of the cucumbers. If you are using two cucumbers you will only need to peel one, if you use three you will need to peel one-and-a-half.

Slice the Cucumber

Cut your cucumbers into slices. These slices will become your snake's stripes, so thin slices will create thin stripes while thick slices create thick stripes. Save the ends of one cucumber to create your snake's head and tail later.

Arrange the Body

Begin arranging your snake's body by stacking the cucumber slices together alternating between slices with and without peel. Place the largest slices in the middle and the narrower slices on both ends.

Refine the Curves

As you arrange your slices decide where you want your snake's body to bend and trim those slices at an angle. The angle will allow your snake's body to bend without leaving gaps between the slices.

Peel the Carrot

Create a tongue for your snake by using the vegetable peeler to scrape off a thin slice of carrot.

Shape the Tongue

Trim the carrot slice into the shape of a snake tongue. Make it as long as you like, just remember to cut a fork at the end of the snake's tongue.

Add the Tongue

Cut a small slit in one of the cucumber ends you trimmed off earlier and slide the end of the tongue in to create your snake's mouth.

Add Eyes

Use the tip of the knife to poke two small holes for your snake's eyes, then press a clove into each hole.

Finishing Touches

Place your snake's head one one end of the body. Use a toothpick to hold the head on if it won't stay by itself. Finish your snake by placing another of the trimmed cucumber ends at the tail.


You can leave your friendly, green garden snake as is, or make him a little more dangerous by adding orange stripes. Simply drape carrot shavings over the cucumber slices you want to have a little more color.

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