Play With Your Food: Ladybug

Create a red, white and blue ladybug using delicious fruits!

Make a Ladybug!

This week's project is a red, white and blue ladybug.


To make your own red, white and blue ladybug you will need a red apple, a plum and a handful of blueberries as well as a paring knife for a grown up to use!

Create Wings

Begin by cutting your apple in half. Then score a line down the center to create separation between your ladybug's wings.

Add White Shapes

Cut two round shapes at one end of your apple half. These will be the characteristic white shapes that ladybugs have on their heads.

Create the Head

Cut an oval shape out of the plum to create your ladybug's head.

Add the Head

Place your ladybug's head at the end of the apple with the white spots.

Make Spots

Cut approximately ten blueberries in half. You will use only the smooth bottom half of the berries to create your spots.

Place Spots

Stick the blueberry halves onto the back of your ladybug. For our ladybug we put five spots on each side, however feel free to add more or less to personalize your ladybug.

All Done!

Your ladybug is now complete! Don't forget to snack on the extra blueberries when you are done!

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