Play With Your Food: Dragonfly

Learn how to create this summer insect using fruits and vegetables!

Make a Dragonfly!

This dragonfly is a blast to create, and a great project for a hot, summer day.


To make your dragonfly you will need a cantaloupe, carrot, two grapes and a couple of toothpicks. You will also need a paring knife for a grown up to use!

Slice the Melon

Begin by slicing the melon into section about an inch thick. You will need 4 sections to create your dragonfly's wings.

Trim the Rind

Cut out the inside of the fruit, leaving the rind whole.

Shape the Wings

Cut the rind into wing shapes by creating one large, rounded end, and one thin, pointy end. Make the wings as long or short as you like, but keep in mind the size of your carrot. Shorter wings will work better for small carrots, while longer wings will work best for large carrots.

Create the Body

If necessary, trim the stem off the end of your carrot. This will be your dragonfly's body.

Make the Eyes

Use toothpicks to attach the grapes to the large end of the carrot. You will probably need to shorten the toothpicks so the ends don't stick out. A paring knife or pair of scissors will make it simple to cut them down.

Add the Wings

Place the wings on your dragonfly's body, so the tips meet about an inch below the eyes.


Your dragonfly is complete! Celebrate with some yummy slices of melon!

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