Play With Your Food: Bunny Rabbit

Learn how to create this cute, edible bunny made from a mango and a banana!

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Make a Bunny Rabbit!

This brightly colored bunny rabbit is fun to make and eat.

You Will Need

To make your rabbit you will need a banana, mango, two large raisins and two toothpicks. You will also need a paring knife for a grown up to use!

Create the Base

Begin by slicing a little off one side of your mango to create a flat bottom so your bunny won't roll around.

Start the Eyes

Carefully cut two holes for the eyes, one on each side of the mango.

Finish the Eyes

Fit the raisins into the holes to create your rabbit's eyes.

Make a Face

Create your bunny's face by cutting out a "V" shape for the nose. Then cut a short line down from the tip of the "V" and connect it to an upside-down "V" to create your bunny rabbit's mouth.

Peel the Banana

To make the ears for your bunny, peel your banana, saving two pieces of peel about the same width. Cut about an inch off the end of the banana and set aside to use later.

Trim the Ears

Cut the banana peels to the length your would like the ears to be. Shorter ears will stand up better, while long ears will be floppy.

Place the Toothpicks

Push the tips of the toothpicks into the ends of the banana peels. Be careful not to push them in too far or the peels will split. A half inch should be plenty!

Attach the Ears

Push the other ends of the toothpicks into the mango to attach your bunny's ears!

Add the Tail

Take the piece of banana you set aside earlier, and place it at the back of your bunny to create his fluffy, white tail!


You're bunny is complete! When you have fully enjoyed your rabbit, try slicing up the mango and banana to mix with the raisins for a fruit salad!

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