Play With Your Food: Bumble Bee

Make a friendly bumble bee using fresh garden veggies!

Garden Bee

This vibrant bee can be made using vegetables grown in many backyard gardens.

Assemble Your Supplies

To create your bee you will need a cucumber, grape tomato with stem attached and a toothpick as well as a paring knife for an adult to use.

Create the Abdomen

Begin by slicing off one end of the cucumber.

Shape the Abdomen

Round the cut end by trimming the edges.

Score Stripes

To create stripes on your bee gently score 4 parallel lines in the peel.

Cut out Your Bee's Stripes

Remove the peel to create a pattern of white and green stripes on your bee's abdomen.

Get Ready to add Wings!

Push a toothpick into the center of your bee's abdomen leaving about half an inch sticking out.

Make Your Wings

Slice thin discs for your bee's wings from the unused portion of the cucumber. You can leave the peel on, or trim it off according to your personal preference.

Attach Wings

Attach the wings to your bee's body by pushing them onto the toothpick.

Add a Head

Stick the tomato onto the toothpick with the stem facing upwards. Now your bee has a head and antenna!

You're Done!

Now your been can fly away!

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