Play With Your Food: Alligator

Create an alligator with a big grin using a pepper, raisins and sunflower seeds!

Photo By: Image courtesy of Ruth Meharg

Green Gator

This ferocious alligator is a blast to create using a few simple, tasty supplies.

Get Your Supplies

To make this alligator you will need an anaheim pepper (don't worry, they aren't hot!), two raisins, a handful of sunflower seeds and a paring knife (be sure to get a grown-up's help when you are using the knife).

Make the Nose

Begin by cutting two long holes at the tip of the pepper to create your alligator's nostrils.

Begin the Eyes

Then cut two slightly larger holes at the large end of your pepper for your alligator's eyes.

Finish the Eyes

Push a raisin about half way into the hole you created for the eye.

Begin the Smile

Using the tip of your paring knife, poke small slots along the crease of the pepper from eye to eye. These will hold your alligator's teeth, so make lots of them for an extra toothy grin.

Add the Teeth!

Poke sunflower seeds into the holes, leaving the pointy end sticking out to create sharp teeth!

Finishing Touches

Finish by sticking a final sunflower seed into your alligator's raisin eye to give the illusion of a highlight. It will add a little extra life to your gator!


Your alligator is finished! If you are feeling inspired, try adding a second row of teeth or create a friend using a poblano pepper!

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