Play With Your Food: Giraffe

With a few healthy snack items and a little imagination, you can make an edible giraffe that's almost too cute to eat.

Photo By: Ruth Meharg

Photo By: Melissa Caughey

Photo By: Ruth Meharg

Photo By: Ruth Meharg

Photo By: Ruth Meharg

Photo By: Ruth Meharg

Photo By: Ruth Meharg

Edible Giraffe

Read on to find out how to make this cute giraffe.

Cut Holes

Cut 4 holes, big enough for pieces of celery, in the flattest side of the baby bell pepper. Make sure the holes are all on the same side or your giraffe’s legs will stick out in different directions.

Skewer the Pepper

Place a skewer through one of the holes at the narrow end of the pepper, push it all the way through until the pepper is at the skewer’s halfway point. This skewer will support both the neck and one of the front legs.

Create Legs

Cut 4 equal slices of celery, slightly longer than half the skewer. Place these 4 pieces of celery into the holes in the bell pepper. Hide the end of the skewer in the curve of a piece of celery.

Create Neck

Stack cherry tomatoes on the other end of the skewer, until it is almost covered.

Attach Head

Finish with a strawberry for the head.

Admire Your Artwork

Try different colors of peppers or tomatoes to add your own twist to this charming, edible giraffe.

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