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Plantable Valentine's Day Cards

Grow a garden of love with these adorable, seed-filled Valentine's Day cards.
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Plantable Valentines

These handmade hearts make perfect Valentine's Day decorations and gifts. Make them with your favorite seeds and plant them for lovely flowers or vegetables later in the year. This craft is great to make with kids—even little ones can participate and enjoy.

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These plantable hearts don't require many supplies, and you probably have everything you need at home. The most important supplies are paper and seeds, but you may find that a blender and a heart shaped form, like a cookie cutter, may come in handy. You can use any paper that isn't shiny, and even mix different types of paper. Construction paper and tissue paper work great, but you can use newspaper, printer paper, almost anything. If your paper isn't the color you want you'll need to add a bit of food coloring for dye.

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Tear Your Paper

Begin by cutting or tearing your paper into small pieces. This is a great opportunity to put little ones who love cutting things to work. Two full sheets of cut up paper will make approximately 12 hearts, depending on size and thickness.

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Add Water

If you are using a blender, place your little pieces of paper in the blender and add water until the paper is fully submerged. Blend into a pulp. If you aren't using a blender, place the paper in a bowl and add water until the paper is covered. Let sit for a couple of hours, then use your hands to massage the paper into a pulp.

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