Photo Frame Box

Embellish jewelry boxes with decoratively stamped metals.


Courtesy of Emily Ito, San Gabriel, California

Materials and Tools:

22-gauge copper
20-gauge silver base metal
bench shear
steel letter stamps
steel decorative stamps
colored wire
copper tongs
metal glue
white glue or glue gun and hot glue
permanent pen
buffing wheels
paper towels
spray paint
hinged jewelry box
safety glasses
beads - optional




1. Measure a 2-1/2" x 2-1/2" square of copper and a 1-3/4" x 1-3/4" square of silver base metal with a ruler and permanent marker. Cut metals using a bench shear.

2. Draw the layout of the design on the silver metal with the marker. Mark spaces to use as guides for the lettering.



3. Stamp lettering onto the silver base metal using steel letter stamps and a steel hammer.

4. Add interest and design to the silver base metal with decorative stamps.

5. Center the silver base metal on top of the copper piece. Draw an outline of the silver square onto the copper piece with the permanent marker. This serves as a guideline for the border on the copper piece.



6. Stamp the border onto the copper piece with steel border stamps.

7. Round the corners of both pieces using a large file.

8. Smooth the rough edges with the buffing wheel.



9. Glue the silver base metal onto the copper piece using metal glue. Let dry overnight.



10. After drying, dip the glued piece in patina until it turns dark then dip in water. Pat dry with paper towels.



11. Remove the patina from the piece using the buffing machine. Buffing removes the dark patina on the surface but will leave the patina in all the stamped areas.

12. Spray the entire piece with lacquer to seal it. Let dry 15 to 20 minutes.

13. Spray paint a hinged jewelry box. Let dry.



14. Glue the metal piece onto the box with craft glue or hot glue.



15. Create a "curly-q" spiral from colored wire.



16. Assemble bead embellishment as desired. Attach the wire spiral and the beads to the photo frame box.

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