Our 25 Favorite Halloween Ideas

HGTV fans shared thousands of their favorite Halloween photos, and we narrowed them down to the best of the best. From the most creative costumes to the spookiest decor, get inspired for your next Halloween festivities with our top picks.

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Trick Arrrrr Trick

HGTV fan 1flatoolman created the ultimate stop for trick-or-treaters by turning his truck into a Halloween pirate ship. A concrete tube forms the mast, while old sheets were dyed black for the sails.

The Simpsons

Homemade Halloween costumes bring the famous cartoon family to life. HGTV fan vrrk9 used bold colors, yellow face paint and oversized eyes to create animated ensembles.

Personalized Pumpkins

Custom pumpkin-carving templates can give your jack-o'-lanterns a personal touch. HGTV fan jmagnussen created templates using photographs of her sons.

A Halloween Far, Far Away

After being told numerous times that her dogs resembled Ewoks, HGTV fan samiam405 officially turned her four-legged friends into the cuddly Star Wars creatures with homemade Halloween costumes.

The Forest Surrounding Camelot

Incite your little ones' imaginations by thinking beyond typical trick-or-treating. For Guinevere and Lancelot, exploring a forest is a fun alternative Halloween activity. Submitted by HeatherVaughtDixon.

Ghostly Graveyard

After creating tombstones out of Styrofoam, HGTV fan tryanpa completed the look of this spooky cemetery by adding blue lights for an eerie glow after dark.

Stylish in Stripes

HGTV fan tullinaround added black stripes, a tail and a custom mask to a flowing tulle dress for an elegant and unique zebra costume.

Spooky Chic

Halloween doesn't have to be just for kids. HGTV fan MissLynnette created a sophisticated setting for an adult Halloween party using black-and-silver place settings, each topped with a jack-o'-lantern.

They're Creepy and They're Kooky

Dressed as Gomez, Morticia and the rest of the Addams family, the Belville family would fit right in on the famous television series. Submitted by HGTV fan heidi5.

Creatively Carved

Wood-block carvings and prints inspired the intricate, artistic design of these jack-o'-lanterns. Submitted by HGTV fan dloldham.

Welcome to Wonderland

An elaborate costume can bring a scene from a favorite story to life. A Queen of Hearts gown and a game of croquet will transport this trick-or-treater to Wonderland. Submitted by HGTV fan flarbort.

Creepy Decor

When over-the-top decorations are paired with historic architecture, a home can look truly spooky. HGTV fan gia0821 gave her house a haunted look with cobwebs, boarded-up windows and creepy characters.

Amazing Face Paint

Well-done makeup can take an ordinary costume to extraordinary. HGTV fan JayCupcakez created this intricate "Life Meets Death" look using white clown makeup and inexpensive eyeliner pencils.

An Eerie Entrance

Ornate decor with an antique appearance, like this candelabra and well-stocked potion cabinet, is the perfect way to set the stage for a spooky haunted house. Submitted by HGTV fan JohnnyL.

Justice League

Picking themed costumes for your kids and pets can make for fun photo opportunities. The world is a little safer thanks to HGTV fan kamila1 — and Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, of course.

Daredevil Dog

HGTV fan newfy1_5226167 turned his dog into Daredevil, the Headless Horseman's horse. At less than five pounds, the costume is easy for a dog to carry. Brass rings on the bridle mimic the look of a bit.

To-Go Box Baby

A cardboard box and paint was all it took to make this clever Chinese takeout baby costume. Chopsticks in the hair add a perfect finishing touch. Submitted by HGTV fan milkandcuddles.

Plain or Peanut?

HGTV fan bratlaw turned her five pugs into a bag of colorful M&Ms for Halloween. Sorry, trick-or-treaters, this candy is off limits!

Off to See the Wizard

After dressing her sons and nieces as Dorothy and the gang, HGTV fan angietjohnson took them to the park so they could reenact a scene from the classic movie.

Big Canine Turned Big Cat

HGTV fan FriscoChick found that a thick, furry mane and a fluffy tail was all it took to transform her Great Dane into a ferocious — and surprisingly realistic — lion.

A Work of Art

HGTV fan jdonovan_5411953 created this Mona Lisa costume for her daughter, which was both easy to make and a hit at school.

Pumpkin Planter

A variation on the classic orange-and-black Halloween decor, a silver planter filled with painted pumpkins makes a stylish display to welcome trick-or-treaters. Submitted by HGTV fan mlively.

What's for Dinner?

HGTV fan michelle1551 dressed her pets up as a lobster, a chef and a hungry diner for Halloween. Don't worry — no animals were harmed in the making of this photo.

This One's a Strike

A big group can have a ball on Halloween by dressing up in bowling-themed costumes. Submitted by HGTV fan Spoduck.

Take Us to Your Leader

Even the simplest of costumes, like these doggie space helmets, can make your pets look out of this world on Halloween. Submitted by HGTV fan Foleyboy.

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