Ornate Travel Keepsake Box

Carolyn Madvig makes a practical, yet ornate, travel keepsake box.


Carolyn Madvig believes art is better when it’s functional. Thus, she likes to create useful crafts, like this keepsake box.

Materials and Tools:



wooden box
4 wooden doll heads with one flat side
acrylic paint, silver and gold
photo or image for top of box
various matching scrapbook papers or cardstock papers
cutting mat
craft knife
polymer gloss medium
1" paintbrush
high gloss polyurethane
1-1/2" foam brush
The Ultimate glue or instant glue
permanent marker
wood glue
lace trim
mirror tiles




1. Glue four doll’s heads onto the bottom of the box for feet using wood glue. Allow approximately two hours to dry.

2. Sand the edges of the box and feet.

3. Paint the outside of box with silver acrylic paint. Let dry.



4. Paint the inside of the box with gold acrylic paint. Let dry.

5. Measure and cut scrapbook or cardstock papers. Cut the papers just slightly under the full width of the side because the boxes are bound to be somewhat irregular.



6. Apply papers to the sides of the box using polymer gloss medium. Apply medium over the paper, and then rub carefully with your finger to ensure that the paper adheres well and all air bubbles are worked out.



7. Apply papers to the lid of the box in the same way, including the photo. Let the box dry, about an hour.



8. Attach the embellishments such as buttons, metal accents or lace trim with super strong glue.

9. Apply two to three coats of polyurethane to the box for a nice, even and glossy shimmer in the light. Allow the box to dry completely between each coat, approximately 1/2 hour to an hour.



10. Glue mirror tiles on the lid of the box and your ornate travel box is complete, except for adding your keepsakes.

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