Mixed-Media Mosquito Lamp

Jodie Flowers mixes her love of bugs and art into this mixed-media mosquito lamp.


Project by Jodie Flowers from Abita Springs, La.

As a child, Jodie knew two things for certain: She loved bugs and she loved art. So it is no surprise that as a big kid, she is doing what she has always loved most. In this project, she makes a mixed-media mosquito lamp.

Materials and Tools:

3 coat hangers
white glue
tissue paper
8 oz. paper cup
preassembled light component
2 wooden balls
polymer clay
strong crafts glue


1. Cut hook off one coat hanger and form remainder into wing shape.

2. Dilute white glue with water until you have a liquid glue consistency. Paint liquid glue onto the back side of tissue paper (enough to cover each wing, front and back); then stretch wet tissue paper over coat hanger formed wings. Let dry.

3. While waiting for wings to dry: Cut the hooks off the other two coat hangers. Straighten hangers out and cut directly in the center of each. You will end up with four cut pieces. Discard one. Put a kink in the middle of all three, and you have Louisiana mosquito legs.



4. Poke the legs through the paper cup, long ways, up and down.

Note: The bottom of the cup is the bug's head and the drinking end will be the behind (the place for the light component).

5. In the opposite side of the cup (from where you placed the legs), you will poke in the wings, about 1/4" from the bottom part of the cup (the head).



6. Tape the wings and legs securely to the cup on the outside.

7. Time to get messy. Take your winged-and-legged cup to the sink, along with your light component and your plaster. Mix enough plaster in a plastic container to fill your 8-ounce paper cup. The consistency should be like icing.

8. Carefully pour the plaster into the paper cup, avoiding any overspill. Carefully tap the cup on the counter to get rid of any air bubbles that might have formed.



9. Insert the light component in the end of the cup, into the plaster. Let it set up about 30 minutes, and then tear off the paper cup to reveal your bug's body.

10. Paint the bug and add any texture you might like. Have fun! Paint whatever colors you want.



11. Sculpt the nose with the polymer clay. Your bug can have a round nose or a long pointy nose, whatever you choose. Bake the nose in the oven at 275 F degrees for about 20 minutes. Let cool.

12. Paint the nose, and paint the wooden balls to look like eyes.

13. Glue on eyes and nose to the bottom part of the cup shape. Use a strong craft glue that sets up pretty fast.



14. Plug in the light. Watch the tail light up and illuminate the wings. You have now made an original Louisiana mosquito lamp.

Website: www.wholesalecrafts.com
Website: www.goodhandarts.com
E-mail: jodieflowers@yahoo.com

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