Make Your Own Soy Candles

Give your loved ones a glowing gift with handmade tea light candles.

Give Them a Gift That Glows

These soy-based tea light candles are easy to make, and the supplies are inexpensive and readily available at most craft stores. The best part about making homemade candles is that you can customize the scent, color and style. Note: Soy wax is available at most craft stores. It is an eco-friendly alternative to conventional wax. It is non-toxic and burns cleaner and longer than paraffin wax.

DIY Tea Light Candles Supplies

Here's what you'll need: Soy wax flakes/wicks and tabs/muffin pan for the mold/muffin liners/essential oil or scent/double boiler or microwave/thermometer

Prepare Your Molds

Add a liner to each section of the muffin pan. Use glue to attach the tab and wick to each liner. The molds are set.

Melt Your Wax

Melt your soy wax in the microwave or by using a double boiler. I use a pan that I picked up at the thrift store over a water bath. The wax will slowly begin to melt. Stir occasionally. The melting point of the soy wax is 145-155 degrees. Allow your wax to cool to 125 degrees. Add 50 drops of essential oil. I used a balsam fir scent.

Fill the Molds

Transfer your wax to a flexible cup or a measuring cup for pouring. Gently fill each mold. Allow to cool for an hour.

Your Candles Are Ready

Pop the candles out of the mold and trim the wicks. Be sure to remove the paper liner before using.

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