Make Garden Spelling Stones

Encourage outdoor play by creating your own set of spelling stonesand have fun learning to spell.

Spelling Stones

Have fun and keep spelling skills sharp this summer by creating your own set of spelling stones. This project is easy enough for almost any age to participate in, and once their stones are finished you can practice your spelling almost anywhere! It’s a great way to have fun and learn while enjoying a summer breeze in the backyard.


To make your spelling stones you will need an assortment of small stones, each large enough to write a letter on. You will also need acrylic paint and a paintbrush. If you prefer not to paint your letters you will also need a permanent marker or paint marker.

Painting the Stones

The first step towards creating your spelling stones is painting them a solid color. It’s easiest to paint the top half of the stone, let it dry and then flip it over to paint the bottom. Acrylic paint is permanent so make sure your workspace is covered. If the kids are getting involved make sure they wear something that can get a little paint on it!

Adding Letters

Once your base coat is dry, it’s time to add the letters to your stones. You can draw them freehand or use a stencil to get them just right. Paint your letters on or use a permanent marker to write them.

Choosing Letters

If you have a list of spelling words planned ahead of time, you don’t need to make a whole alphabet of stones. Just create the letters you know you will use. You may need doubles of some letters, if you want to spell a word like “grass” you will need two stones with “s” on them, but if you’re working with young spellers you might not need an “x.” If you’d like to move into more complicated spelling, and add a little grammar, you can create stones with different suffixes. Try “ing,” “ed” and “er” to change “plant” into “planting,” “planted” and “planter.”

Spelling Words for Kindergarten

One you have all your stones done, all you need to do is arrange them into words! Try out a few of these outdoors words that are appropriate for most kindergarteners: sun, mud, sod, hay, log, hot, dry, wet, fog, hoe, bird, bee, pig, hen, cat, dog, bug, ant, fly, dig, dug, fig.

Spelling Words for First Grade

Make spelling extra fun by searching out the different words and labeling the objects you find. Have your kids spell out “tree” in the crook of a tree branch or even the names of different plants in your garden. Try out a few of these gardening words that are appropriate for most first graders: nest, dust, tree, duck, crow, frog, deer, bird, gate, lawn, pond, land, weed, rake, dust, rust, mint, bike, hike.

Spelling Words for Second Grade

As you spellers get more advanced, have them try creating phrases or short sentences for an extra challenge. Try out a few of these gardening words that are appropriate for most second graders: lime, bean, plant, bloom, rose, clover, ivy, harvest, hill, river, lake, sand, breeze, warm, humid, spade, stone, rock, sheep, horse, spider, stork.

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