Make Dripping Paint Can Planters

With simple DIY skills and leftover paint, you can turn empty paint cans into colorful planters for year-round container gardening.

Upcycled Planters

In just a few hours, empty paint cans can be transformed into colorful, industrial-chic planters by removing labels, adding drainage holes and applying leftover or sample-size paint.

Add Drainage Holes

There are two different ways to use empty paint cans as planters: as solid bottom vessels for cut flowers and as sturdy planters with drainage for greenery. If the paint cans are going to be used for greenery, you'll need to add proper drainage by drilling holes in the bottom of the cans.

Roll Out Craft Paper

Before starting to add the dripped paint effect to each can, remove any labels and protect your work surface with kraft paper. The paper will catch the dripped paint, but you'll need to remove it just before the buildup dries to the point of hardening.

Apply Paint

An easy and effective way to apply paint in a dripped manner is with a turkey baster. To do this, insert the turkey baster into the paint, then squeeze the rubber top until 1/3 of the baster is full. Next, add paint to the exterior of the can by slowly releasing it from the turkey baster.

Select a Range of Sizes

For a perfectly-styled look, it's best to create an arrangement of paint can vessels varying in height. An excellent mix is to stick with two or three pint- or quart-sized cans for every full gallon.

Fill With Soil

Fill the interior of the paint can with potting soil before adding the plant into the vessel.

Use Similar Flowers

In order to truly showcase the updated paint cans as flower vessels, it's best to stick with one type or color of flower, then group the various sizes together. When several colors or species of flowers are used, the variation can detract from the vessels.

Create Contrast

Use contrast to add depth to the overall look of each styled vessel. Here, the white coloring of the hydrangea set against the super saturated hue of the purple strikes a perfect balance.

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