Make Charming Gardening Glove Critters

Follow these simple steps to turn your old gardening gloves into lovely garden critters.

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Create Your Own Garden Critters

These garden glove critters are fun to make, and are a handy way to recycle old gardening gloves. This is a great project for adults or older children who would like to learn how to sew and they only require a couple basic stitches. Please note: these are not safe toys for babies or small children since small pieces may be a choking hazard. If your older children will play with them, be sure not to use gloves that may have fertilizer, pesticides or other chemicals on them. Thoroughly wash garden gloves before using them in this craft.

Cut the Pieces

Begin by cutting up your glove. If you are creating your creature with a used glove, make sure it has been thoroughly washed before you begin. Cut off the thumb, middle finger, pinky finger and wrist band.

Stuff the Arms

Trim any long pieces off the thumb and pinky so they are flat across the base. Stuff the thumb, middle finger and pinky with your choice of stuffing. We used rice to give our critter a little weight, but you can use soft stuffing for a more squeezable critter. Stitch the base of the thumb closed; it will become your critter's tail.

Create the Body

Turn the main body of your glove inside out. Stitch up the hole from the middle finger. Place the stuffed middle finger and pinky inside the body of the glove, one on each side. Line up the cut edge of the finger with the cut edge of the body. Sew up the side seams, sewing through the fingers at the same time. When you flip your critter right side out he will have arms!

Stuff the body

When you have finished sewing the side seams, fill your critter's legs and body with your choice of stuffing. If you'd like to add a sweet smell, try throwing in a few lavender blossoms or cloves in the mix.

Finish the Body

Pinch the opening of the neck closed and stitch in place, making sure the stuffing won't leak out.

Add the Tail

Whip stitch the thumb onto the back of your creature to create the tail.

Create the Head

Use the wrist of the glove to create your critter's head. Close one end by sewing a running stitch around the cut opening and pulling tight to bunch most of it together. Leave about a half inch free.

Create the Nose

Fold the half inch over the bunched part of the glove and sew down to create an instant nose. Then stuff the head and sew the back closed by bunching the still open end and stitching together, much like the front.

Create the Ears

Cut rectangles out of the extra scraps of your gloves, and fold 2 corners down to create ear shapes. Use longer rectangles for short ears, and squares for taller ears. Stitch onto the head using a whip stitch.

Attach the Head

Stitch your head on the body of your critter and you are almost done!

Finishing Touches

Now that the basic shape of the body is complete, add finishing touches to create the critter of your choice. Use beads for eyes and fabric paint or embroidery thread to add stripes and markings. This black and white glove just needed a few stripes to make an adorable badger, and would make a good skunk as well! A brown glove would make a sweet chipmunk or with a shorter tail and longer ears, even a rabbit! This basic shape can create a whole family of garden glove critters.

Have Fun!

Add a bit of your garden to make these critters extra special. Our fox is holding a bunch of dried flowers and our badger has added a dried accent to his bright wool scarf!

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