Make an Easter Candy Bouquet

Give a lovely candy bouquet this Easter, or arrange a beautiful centerpiece with chocolate flowers and candy bird nests to welcome spring!

Easter Candy Bouquet

Looking for the perfect Easter gift or centerpiece? Turn chocolate Easter eggs into a beautiful bouquet and add a few candy bird's nests for extra sweetness.

Create Stems

To create stems for your flowers you will need green tissue paper and green skewers. For added texture paint your own skewers and tissue paper, it will make your final product look more organic. If you don't feel like painting, try using a few different colors of green tissue paper instead of just one. Cut out leaf shapes and hot glue them to the stem.

Attaching Leaves

Glue at least four leaves to the top of each skewer. Twist the tissue paper tightly around the skewer to secure it, but leave at least an inch and a half of "leaf" free at the top. These leaves will be glued to the egg to hold it in place.

Add Flowers

Place a large drop of hot glue at the end of the skewer in the center of the leaves. Press the chocolate egg into the glue and hold securely for a few seconds to be sure it sticks. Glue the leaves around the base of the egg. Leave the tips of the leaves free and fluff them out from the egg to create the illusion of a blooming flower.

Arranging your Bouquet

Arrange your flowers by placing a ball of modeling clay at the bottom of a pot. Press it onto the bottom and stick the ends of the skewers into the clay to hold them in place. Trim the skewers to different lengths as necessary to make the flowers on the outside edge shorter than the flowers in the middle.

Tiny Buds

You can create flowers without stems to add around the base of your bouquet. Simply glue a bunch of leaves around the base of the eggs, leave the tips of the leaves free to spread out from the colorful center.

Bird's Nest Supplies

If you're going to use your bouquet for display, you may want to create some little candy bird's nests to complement your flowers. To make them you will need long, thin candy like licorice or gummy spaghetti. You'll also want candy eggs, gumballs or jelly beans. Any small candy that will look like an egg will work.

Shaping Your Nests

To create your nests twist the long candy into a round shape. With long pieces tie a knot in one end and wrap the candy around it into a cup shape, tucking the end back underneath. With shorter pieces you may just want to tie one loose knot. If you're working with stiff candy like licorice you can soften it by warming it in the microwave for 5 to 10 seconds at a time.

Arrange the Nests

Place your egg candies in the center of the nests and arrange around your chocolate candy display. Enjoy your sweet Spring centerpiece and try not to eat it all at once!

Finished Bouquet

Add extra tissue paper leaves if needed to fill in the space between flowers. Tie a ribbon around your pot for the perfect finishing touch to a lovely, tasty gift.

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