Make a Mason Jar Winter Wonderland

Create a miniature winter tableau and bring the beauty of winter indoors without the cold!

A Winter Arrangement

Bring the outdoors in by displaying your favorite bits of the winter world in charming mason jars.

Paper Tree Supplies

Paper Christmas trees look elegant when completed, but are so simple to make that anyone can do them. You'll need a skewer, paper, clay, faux snow and a touch of glue. We used an old book to create our squares, but any stiff paper will work. You'll need approximately 6 different sized squares, each should be about a quarter inch smaller than the previous. Your biggest square should be small enough to fit through the mouth of your mason jar. Cut 5 of each sized square.

Decorate Your Tree

You don't have to leave your tree plain. Try adding dots of metallic paint or glitter glue to the corners of the paper squares. The bits of paint feel like ornaments, and glitter can even look like snow!

Assemble Your Tree

Push the skewer through the first square and move the square all the way to the bottom. Add a drop of glue near the hole to secure. Continue staking the squares until your tree is full. Add one more drop of glue to the top square for added security. Surround the base of your tree with a bit of modeling clay to keep it upright and place the tree in your jar. Add a handful of "snow" to cover the clay base.

Miniature Forest Supplies

Your tree doesn't have to fill the whole jar.  You can create a grouping of miniature trees that create a whole forest inside your Mason jar. You will need a series of paper squares, descending in size. The size of your largest square will depend on how large you want the tree to be, but a square inch is probably a good start. You'll also need a toothpick for the trunk, clay to hold it up and a small pile of faux snow. Grab a few evergreen leaves for a natural addition.

Create your Miniature Forest

Stack the paper squares onto toothpicks beginning with the largest towards the bottom, and working up to the smallest. Place the base of your toothpick into a bit of clay to keep it from tipping over. Add a few evergreen leaves in a clay base, and arrange your mini trees in a jar laying on its side. Add "snow" to cover the clay base and your winter scene is complete!

Pine Cone Supplies

Pine cones alone make beautiful winter decorations, but pair them with a handful of faux snow and a few gold beads and their rough beauty stands out even more.

Pinecone Jar

Add a layer of "snow" to the bottom of your jar before filling it with pinecones. Once the pinecones are settled, drop in a handful of gold beads, rotating the jar to make sure the beads are spaced throughout.

Grapevine Jar Supplies

All you need to create this unique arrangement is a little gold paint, a bunch of dried grapevines and a miniature mason jar. A little faux snow can also be a nice touch.

Golden Grapevines

Paint your bunch of grapevines with metallic gold paint. Once dry, arrange with all of the twisty ends facing up in a little jar with a bit of "snow" at the bottom.

Jar of Roses

This jar full of rose petals is quite simple to make and adds a lovely combination of color and texture to your arrangement. Simply fill a jar with rose petals, add some faux snow and shake to distribute.

Arrange and Display

Arrange your winter jars, making sure to vary the heights by using different sized containers. Keep the colors similar to tie all the different objects together. Add your favorite decorative items to complete the display, but consider leaving space for a furry friend!

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