Make a Living Plant Lapel Pin

Add garden-flair to your outfit for any occasion with this charming, easy-to-make plant lapel pin.

Living Lapel Pin

Add a little life to your outfit with this leafy lapel pin.

Gather the Materials

You will need: cap to a wide felt tip marker (we used a wide Sharpie) / hack saw / strong super glue that will bond plastic to metal / 2 button magnets (found at craft stores) / clothespin / tiny plant such as those for a terrarium or very small succulents.

Remove the Pocket Tab

Begin the project by placing the saw blade between the cap and the tab that holds it in your pocket. While squeezing the tab and cap together, carefully saw back and forth to remove the tab. Most of it should come off easily. If you are concerned about any small remnants, you can cut them away with a craft knife.

Attach the Magnet

Following the glue manufacturer's instructions, glue the magnet to the top third side of the cap where you removed the tab. Clamp it together with a clothespin and allow it to dry/bond completely before proceeding.

Add the Plant

Remove the plant from its container and gently remove all but a little soil from the roots. Gently place the roots inside the pen cap. To get it in snugly, you may have to press in from the top a bit (we used the fat end of a chopstick to help). Fill any remaining space at the top with soil and add water. Use the second magnet to secure it to your lapel.

Wear It

This living lapel pin is sure to get some looks. When not in use, store it in a bright spot and keep watered. The magnets will also make your miniature planter perfectly at home on the refrigerator door, on a bike or even in your car.

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