Make a Jingle Bell Cat Collar

Know where your cat is lurking at all times with this stylish collar with jingle bell.


By: Audrey Rothaus

Audrey Rothaus, owner of The Modern Pet, demonstrates how to create a quick release collar using a sewing machine and ribbon of your choice.

Materials Needed:

  • 2' of 3/8" wide nylon webbing
  • 2' of 3/8" wide ribbon
  • thread to match ribbon
  • 3/8" quick release buckle
  • 3/8" wide mouth slip lock
  • 1/4" double-sided sewing tape
  • 1/2" jingle bell
  • 1/2" split ring
  • sewing machine
  • lighter


1. Measure your cat's neck and add 5 1/2".

2. Cut one piece of webbing to the length determined in step 1. Tip: To prevent fraying, lightly melt the ends with a lighter.

3. Repeat step 2 with ribbon.

4. Attach the ribbon to the webbing using double-sided sewing tape.

5. Top stitch 1/4" from the edge of ribbon along entire length of collar, making sure to backstitch at the beginning and end. Do this along both edges of the ribbon.



6. Thread the collar through the slip lock and fold back approximately 3/4" to make a loop around the center bar. Sew loop together by stitching back and forth several times in a straight line perpendicular to the ribbon approximately 1/4" in from the end of the ribbon.



7. Unbuckle the two halves of the quick release buckle.

8. Pass the collar through one half of the quick release buckle, from the inside of the quick release buckle to the outside of the buckle.

9. Double the collar back over itself, threading it up through the opening in the slip lock on the webbing side of the collar. Now pass the end of the collar back down through the other opening in the slip lock.



10. Attach the bell to the split ring.

11. Slide bell, then other half of the quick release buckle from the outside of the buckle to the inside of the buckle, onto free end of collar.

12. Fold back approximately 3/4" of the free end of the collar to make a loop around the bell and quick release buckle. Sew loop together by stitching back and forth several times in a straight line perpendicular to the ribbon.



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