Knitting Inspiration

These knitting products are colorful, usable and unique. Take a look through these photos and see if any inspire your knitting needles.
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Perfect Pillow

These beautiful handmade pillows show love in every stitch. Photo from flickr user stevendepolo

Dancin' Shoes

What better covering for a baby's toes than soft stitches in softer hues? Photo from flickr user Breibeest

Mane Knits

This life-like horse from flickr user Tie Guy II becomes fantastical in green, pink and yellow yarn.

Sweet Stockings

Keep warm in the winter with cozy striped socks from flickr user Tie Guy II

Be my Valentine?

This heart is stuffed with yarn and can be given away easier than the real thing. Photo from flickr user mararie

Finger Work For Finger Warmth

With gorgeous yarn coloring, this glove fits like? A glove! Photo from flickr user Kelly Sue

Leap Frog

For the adventurous knitter, this tree frog jumps to attention. Photo from flickr user >>>WonderMike<<<

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