Decoupage Canvas Name Art

Help kids mark their territory with this personalized name-art project.
By: Tammy Jones


Kids love to show off their names, especially in their rooms. Help them mark their territory with decoupaged canvases name art. The process is so simple; even busy moms can make one for a baby's room and older kids can create their own. Add photos and other mementoes to create an heirloom piece of art.

Materials and Tools:

art canvases *
decoupage medium
wooden alphabet letters
acrylic craft paint
2 or more sponge brushes
scrap papers
ribbon to trim canvas edges
adhesive for ribbon
photos **
scissors (optional)
sandpaper (optional)
various embellishments (optional)

* You'll need one per letter of your child's name; or, use a large canvas for short names and spell out the entire name on one canvas.

** If you're using regular paper photocopies of photos, you can decoupage them with the rest of the papers. If you're using real photos on photo paper, save them to the end.


1. Choose a variety of papers to match your child's room, school or team colors, or favorite colors. Cut or tear them into strips, squares, triangles, etc. Consider using decorative-edge scissors to make scallops, waves and lacy edges.

2. Prepare photos as well by cutting and tearing, etc., if you're using regular paper printouts. If using real photos, wait until the end.

3. Sand (if necessary) and paint wooden alphabet letters and set aside to dry. Apply a second coat if necessary.

4. Use a sponge brush to smooth decoupage medium over art canvas in small sections at a time. Place larger pieces of paper first; it's a good idea to use larger pieces that are a color in contrast to the color of your alphabet letters.

5. Continue to decoupage the canvas, adding medium and then smaller strips or accent shapes last. Look at the canvas overall from time to time to see where a dark or light, patterned or solid piece is needed to create the best look. Don't forget to consider where you'll add photos and the wooden letters.

6. When all canvases are decoupaged, set aside to dry completely. Drying times will vary; read label instructions on your decoupage medium. If any paper edges curl up, glue them down; add any last pieces of paper as needed.

7. Add plain-paper copies of photos using the same method as the papers. If you're using real photo-paper photographs, adhere them to completely finished, dry decoupaged canvases using a photo-safe adhesive.

8. When the canvases are done and the wooden letters are dry, use hot glue or other adhesives to adhere the painted letters to the canvas.

Tip: Add small charms or trinkets as desired. Think of each canvas as a collage of favorite things and memories, and add to it through the years as desired. Here are some ideas of things you can include:

  • birthday or other cards
  • birth and other event announcements
  • various monogrammed items
  • pacifiers or rattles, baby spoons, etc.
  • teeny baby socks
  • a favorite toy car
  • costume or other jewelry
  • small things from a child's treasure box: prized rocks, beads, feathers, stickers, etc.
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