Unlock Happy Memories With a House Keys Shadow Box

Create a design-friendly keepsake that's perfect for first-time homeowners, new parents, college grads and more.

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Photo by: Kayla Kitts

Kayla Kitts

Renting your first apartment, purchasing your first home, moving in with your S.O. — they're all memorable moments that can be displayed on a dime, and with little crafting know-how.

Materials + Tools

  • shadow box (here: 5"x7")
  • swatch for background (card stock, fabric, wallpaper, etc.)
  • 1-3 keys
  • spray adhesive
  • pen or pencil
  • scissors or utility knife
  • mini tags (optional, for labeling)


1: Gather your materials in a well-ventilated workspace. If you want to change the backdrop of your shadow box, use scraps of wallpaper, gift wrap, fabric or card stock.

2: Remove the back of the shadow box, and use it as the template for your new backdrop. Trace with a pen or pencil and then cut out.

3: Attach the backdrop to your shadow-box backing with spray adhesive. Attach slowly to avoid air bubbles. Let dry.

Photo by: Kayla Kitts

Kayla Kitts

4: Determine your labeling method. You can use miniature, store-bought price tags, strips of paper or simply write onto the fabric with a pen. Add any details you want, from simply "first house" to the home's city or address number. This is completely optional, as keys look beautiful displayed alone, too.

Photo by: Kayla Kitts

Kayla Kitts

5: Place your house keys on the new backing and determine the proper spacing. One by one, spray the back of each key with a strong adhesive and place onto the backing. Let dry.

Photo by: Kayla Kitts

Kayla Kitts

6: Once the labels are attached, ensure everything is dry before adding the backing back into the shadow box. Hang it on the wall or place it on a shelf.

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