Indie Craft: Make Moss Graffiti

Tag your garden with a moss masterpiece.

Make Some Green Art

Moss is super easy to grow since it can be propagated from tiny pieces of itself with the help of a blender or food processor. Take it a step further by creating a living piece of art to spruce up your garden. I tried my hand at this and was super pleased with the results. I cannot wait to try a larger design and a moss carpet under shady trees. Just be sure to keep your moss graffiti on your own property!

Gather Your Supplies

You'll need: 3 handfuls of moss/2 cups of water/2 cups buttermilk/2 teaspoons sugar/Corn syrup, if needed.

Make a "Moss Smoothie"

1. Wash the dirt off of your moss and crumble into a blender./2. Add in water, buttermilk and sugar./3. Pulse until your mixture is well blended. Make sure that your mixture has a paint-like consistency. A mixture that is too thin will drip. Add a little corn syrup to thicken if needed.

Choose a Site and Get Started

Look for a shady location that would benefit from a little moss. Moss graffiti works well on brick, stone, concrete, wood, even the ground. You can also use your moss paint on garden statuary or terra-cotta pots. But please note, moss may damage painted surfaces. Sketch your design onto your surface with chalk. Using a paintbrush, apply a thick layer of your moss mixture to your design. Store your leftover moss paint in the refrigerator. Apply a fresh coat every couple of days as needed until the moss starts to establish itself.

Maintain Your Moss

Keep your moss well hydrated. Spritz with water every other day and wait for the magic to happen. The moss will begin to take root and reproduce, looking patchy. It will take up to 8 weeks to produce measurable results. Moss will not die if it dries out. Moss needs water to grow but not to survive. It will become dormant if dry, but will spring to life when it receives moisture, even if it has been dry for years.

Almost Time for a Trim!

Here is my design after 12 weeks. Did you know: moss can make its own soil from particles in the environment. And not having roots allows moss to grow in places where other plants can't, like rocks, tree trunks, clay, etc.

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