How to Paint a Moose Trinket Box

Dress up an ordinary wooden box with a painted woodland creature design.

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Materials and Tools:


tracing paper
fine-grade sandpaper
tack cloth
Walnut Hollow Roomy Box - #12530P
moose design
Folk Art Artists Pigments: Asphaltum #476; Yellow Citron #503; Yellow Light #918; Yellow Ochre #917; Sap Green #458; Burnt Umber #462; Pure Orange #628; True Burgundy #456
Folk Art blending gel medium - #867
Paintbrushes: KALA Golden Onyx Series 2100 liner #1 and Golden Onyx Series 2200 shader/bright (flat) #s 1, 2 and 4
Masterson's Sta-Wet Palette
Plaid brush basin
soft cloth or very soft paper towels
Folk Art varnish - satin
palette knife with straight blade
Gray Saral transfer paper
plain, brown paper bag
water-based varnish


1. Sand the surface of the box, if needed, with fine grade sandpaper and wipe with a tack cloth.

2. Neatly trace and transfer the moose design using transfer paper.



1. Apply blending gel to the brand design and let it penetrate.

2. Apply a small amount of Yellow Ochre paint.

3. Keeping the branch wet, shade with Asphaltum paint.

4. Let dry slightly. Reapply a little blending gel and shade with more Asphaltum paint.


1. Apply blending gel. Let it penetrate.

2. Apply Yellow Ochre paint. While the paint is still wet, carefully apply the dark shading with a double-loaded brush of Yellow Ochre and Burnt Umber paints.

3. Light blend.

4. Let dry and cure.


1. Mix Yellow Citron paint and blending gel. Paint the vine.

2. Shade with a mixture of Sap Green and a touch of Asphaltum paint.


1. Apply blending gel and let it penetrate.

2. Apply Yellow Light paint.

3. While wet, shade on the left side with a tiny touch of burnt umber paint.

4. Wipe the brush, and while the leaf is still wet, quickly shade with a small touch of True Burgundy paint.

5. Add just a tiny touch more blending gel and shade with Asphaltum paint.

Leaf Variant

1. Apply blending gel and let it penetrate.

2. Apply Yellow Light paint.

3. Shade with Pure Orange paint.

4. While wet, shade with a touch of True Burgundy paint.

5. Add a tiny touch of Sap Green paint.


1. Apply blending gel, Sap Green paint and a tiny bit of Asphaltum paint.

2. Pull up with the chisel edge of the flat paint brush or the #1 liner paint brush.


1. Apply blending gel and let it penetrate.

2. Apply a small amount of Yellow Ochre paint.

3. Keeping the acorns wet with blending gel, shade with a small amount of Asphaltum paint.

4. Let dry slightly. Apply a little more blending gel and shade a second time with Asphaltum paint.

5. Deepen the shadows with a tiny bit of Burnt Umber paint. Add more gel if needed.

Finishing the Box

1. Trim the edge of the box top with Burnt Umber paint.

2. Let dry thoroughly.

3. Rub the box with a piece of brown paper bag to smooth the nap of the wood.

4. Varnish with two or three coats of water-based varnish of your choice.

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