How to Make Whimsical Bookmarks

Use fabric and paint to make whimsical bookmarks.


Materials and Tools:

black felt (6½ by 6¾ inches)
rotary cutter
quilting ruler
cutting surface
fabric paint
prepared-for-dying cotton fabric
fabric tacks
stretcher frame
spray bottle
container of water
hair dryer
sushi dish for paints
paper towels
plastic to protect work surface from paint
fusible web
iron and ironing board
flower pictures
sewing machine
insect shank buttons
embroidery floss
large-eyed needle
embroidery foot


Fusible Fabric Bookmarks:

1. Lay felt out on a cutting surface. Use a quilting ruler and rotary cutter to measure off and cut felt into three 6½-by-2¼-inch pieces. Set aside.

2. Cut prepared-for-dyeing fabric a bit larger than the stretcher frame, using a rotary cutter and ruler.

3. Use fabric tacks to secure the fabric on the stretcher frame, making sure the fabric is taut. Place plastic under the frame to protect the work surface from paint.

4. Lightly spray water on the fabric to wet it before applying paint with a brush, a squeeze bottle, a paintbrush, an eyedropper or a combination. To make the tulip, use dark green, light green and four shades of red. When blended to your liking, stop the blending of wet colors by drying with a hair dryer. For different effects and deeper or blended colors, add more colors after the paint has dried.

5. Remove the fabric from the stretcher and press if necessary to get rid of wrinkles.

6. Lay the dyed fabric on fusible web and cut the web the same size as the fabric.

7. Either draw flower, leaf and stem shapes on the back of fusible web paper and cut out, or cut shapes out freehand.

8. Arrange flower and leaf shapes on felt pieces.

9. Press fabric pieces with a medium-hot iron for about 10 seconds.

10. Cut two pieces of embroidery floss to about 8 inches long each. Thread a large-eyed needle with both pieces of floss.

11. Place an insect button on the top section of bookmark. Insert a needle from the back of bookmark, pass it through the shank of the button and push it through to the back of bookmark. Tie two knots to secure.

Painted bookmarks:

1. Lay felt out on a cutting surface. Use a quilting ruler and rotary cutter to measure off and cut felt into three 6½-by-2¼-inch pieces. Set aside.

2. Putting paints of your choosing in a small sushi dish one at a time, brush paint onto a felt piece in the shape of a flower with a paintbrush. Then paint the shapes of a stem and leaves on the felt. Then paint the center of the flower and place dots of the same color around the flower.

3.  Follow steps 11-13 in the instructions for fusible fabric bookmarks.

Sewn Fabric Bookmarks:

1. Lay felt out on a cutting surface. Use a quilting ruler and rotary cutter to measure off and cut felt into three 6½-by-2¼-inch pieces. Set aside.

2.  Either draw on fabric and cut out shapes of flowers and leaves or cut out free-form.

3.  Arrange the shapes on the felt pieces.

4.  Set your sewing machine for free-motion sewing (drop the feed dog, set the stitch length on zero and use the embroidery foot).

5. Thread the sewing machine with the chosen thread and sew around the leaf shapes and add a stem. Sew around the flower shapes with thread colors of your choosing. Embellish as you desire.

6. Follow steps 9-11 in the instructions for fusible fabric bookmarks.

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