How to Make Tie-Dyed Plates

Paint clear glass to create unique dinnerware.



Materials and Tools:

clear glass plates
transparent air-dry glass paint
surface and glass conditioner
air-dry paint glass sealer
gold-leaf pen
paint can or other object to prop plate while working


1. Clean glass plates with soap and water and dry with a towel.

2. Paint on a glass conditioner and let dry. The conditioner will dry clear. Note: Don't allow four hours or more to go by between conditioning your plates and painting on them or you'll have to repeat this process.

3. Spread newspaper on a work surface. Place a plate face down on top of a paint can or other prop. Elevating the plate will allow paint to spill over the edges.

4. Using whatever colors please your eye, squeeze out your paint in a random form in the middle of the plate. Make sure to fill in all clear glass with color.

5. When finished, use the tip of the paint bottle to pull colors into each other. Paint should start to spread onto the sides of the plate. You'll use a lot of paint, but that's what you want — the dripping paint creates the streaking effect on the sides.

6. Finish adding paint to any areas that are still clear. Here you can use paint more sparingly because gravity will do the work. Excess paint will start to drip off. Allow the plate to dry overnight on a level surface in a dry place.

7. Paint the rim of the plate with a gold-leaf pen.

8. Repeat the process for all the plates.

9. Allow the plates to cure for 12 days, and then glaze following the manufacturer's instructions.

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