How to Make an Asian Pop-Out Paper Lantern

Create a colorful Asian paper lantern with pop-out decorations of geisha girls.


Materials and Tools:

A Stamp in the Hand stamps
5 semi-glossy white 4-1/4" x 5-1/2" cards
5 eggplant 4-1/4" x 5-1/2" card stock
15 strands 24" long fibers, twine, ribbon
5 strands 48" long fibers, twine, ribbon
9 large Chinese coins
9 small Chinese coins
12 to 14 beads
double-stick tape
template made to size of card stock
2 stipple brushes
black permanent ink pad
dye-based ink pads: ochre, light green or jungle green, brown
brush markers: pale orange (flesh), pink, rose pink, pale violet, violet, red, blue, ochre, dark brown, orange, green, light green, magenta, light blue


1. Use the template to position the rubber stamped image on the greeting card for the pop-ins and pop-outs. Set greeting card on top of the template.

2. To color the stamps: Use the permanent black ink pad for the Japanese woman's eyes and hair; pink/magenta for her kimono; and red and violet for the fan. Do not forget to outline face, nose, mouth and hand in pink. Stamp this image on the right side quarter of the template.

3. For the Japanese lanterns: Use blue on the lantern top center; pink lantern left quarter area; orange lantern upper right, above woman's head; second orange lantern left side stamped off card.

4. Stamp dynasty writing on entire card with ochre. This may take four stampings. Re-ink stamp each time.

5. Color olive branch with two shades of green for leaves and if you would like, some dark brown on the stem area. Stamp around and over lanterns and woman.

6. Apply violet to a small section of the ancient writing. Stamp in four different sections. Re-ink stamp each time. Stamp chops in red.

7. Color in skin of woman with pale orange and apply eye make-up (blue) and blush (rose pink).

8. Stipple green over leaves (on top half of the card); ochre on remaining (bottom half of the card); brown around the sides and bottom of the card to create a frame.

9. To fold the stamped card: Fold over left side to center score line; then fold over right side to center score line. Repeat this process to each of the five stamped panels.

10. For the pop ins and outs: Fold the right side quarters together so that you can see the Japanese woman. With a pair of scissors, make a diagonal cut over the top of her head to just past the chop in her hair.

11. Make a straight cut at the bottom of her kimono, cutting into the end of the kimono.

12. After cutting your two slits, you must fold the section in between the cuts. Fold it both ways to get a strong crease. Fold section back into original shape. From the back side of the card, gently press section to pop out your woman.

13. Cut two diagonal slits so that the blue lantern section will pop in. Fold the sides together (same as above) and make a diagonal cut over the top and one below the lantern. Fold to get a good strong crease. Fold section back into original shape. From the front side of the card, gently press section to pop in the lantern.

14. Cut two straight slits so that the pink lantern section will pop out. Fold the lantern section together and make a straight cut 1/2 inch long just under handle and another 1/2-inch slit just about the tassel. Fold to get a good strong crease. Fold section back into original shape. From the back side of the card, gently press section to pop out the lantern.

15. Repeat above steps until you have completed five sections. Set your finished panels aside to assemble in the last step.

16. For the tassels and spine use five pieces of spine (eggplant-colored card stock). Fold in half lengthwise so that when folded, the card stock will look like the greeting card (4-1/4" x 5-1/2").

17. To make the tassel: Take three pieces of the 24-inch-long fibers, twine or ribbon (you can use any combination) and attach it to the right side middle portion of the eggplant card stock. Repeat attaching tassels to all five pieces of spine.

18. Using double-stick tape, take each piece of the lantern's spine (eggplant-colored card stock) and adhere the right side (with the tassels) of spine #1 to the left side of spine #2 (no tassels) and so on until you have attached all five sections together. Make sure to tape all corners of each spine when attaching. Do not attach the left side of spine #1 to the right side of spine #5 until you finish the next step.

19. Create the center tassel by taking the five 30-inch-long fibers, twine or ribbon pieces (you can use any combination) and make a loop in the middle by tying with a knot. The lantern will hang from this loop.

20. Place the center tassel in the middle of the spine (between spine #1 and #5). Use double-stick tape to adhere. You can at this point attach the left side of spine #1 to the right side of spine #5.

21. To embellish the tassels, tie your Chinese coins and beads to the fibers hanging in the center and side of your lantern's spine.

22. Gather your finished (stamped) panels and spine (eggplant-colored card stock). Using double-stick tape on the far left and far right sections of your finished panel, adhere to the spine. Repeat process to the remaining four panels to complete your lantern. Make sure to tape all corners of the panel and spine when attaching.

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