How to Make a Traditional Mennonite Quilt

Make a traditional Mennonite quilt pattern with these simple step-by-step instructions.

Materials and Tools:



4 different-colored fabrics (not white) in small printed patterns
brown backing fabric
cotton or wool batting
cutting mat
rotary cutter
quilting ruler


1. Cut five fabric strips from each fabric color along the straight of the grain, measuring 15-1/4 by 1-1/8 inches.

2. Assemble the strips in pairs. Place the first fabric right sides together on the second fabric. Lay the third fabric right sides together on the fourth fabric.

3. Stitch down one side of each strip and press the strip open. Join the strip pairs together in the same method, placing one strip set on top of the other, right sides together, and stitch down one side. Continue connecting the strip sets together in this manner to create five sets of four different-colored strips.

4. To create the border, measure and cut six strips 22 by 1-1/8 inches of each color.

5. Stagger the strips by 5/8-inch and pin pairs right sides together. Sew along one edge, and then stagger, pin and sew the strip pairs together, alternating the colors in the same manner as the center block.

6. Line up the 45-degree mark of the ruler along the first fabric seam, and trim away the excess fabric.

7. Measure 15-1/4 inches for the two side strips, and cut the last two strips to size according to quilt measurements.

8. Sew and press the first two side strips to the quilt block. Then attach the final two strips.

9. Measure and cut the cotton or wool batting and a brown fabric backing to the quilt size.

10. To create the binding, cut 1 1/2-inch wide fabric strips. Attach the binding to two sides first, and then connect the top and bottom sides.

11. When quilting, use common Mennonite themes of cables in the borders, stitching in the ditch and crosshatching.

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