How to Make a Fused Glass Confetti Barrette

Add handmade flair to your hair with this fused glass barrette project.


Materials and Tools:

COE 90: clear glass, confetti, frit and stringers
barrette mold
copper foil tape
craft punches
white glue
jewelry glue
French metal barrette finding (clasp)
enamel paint
breaking pliers


  1. Cut two pieces of clear glass approximately 1" x 4".
  2. Punch out marine life and other shapes from the copper foil tape using craft punches. Peel off the foil's adhesive backing and apply to one piece of glass.
  3. Flip the piece over with the copper foil shapes attached and apply a thin layer of confetti with a very small amount of glue.
  4. Turn the piece over again so that the copper foil side is up. Apply more confetti.
  5. Place the second piece of 1"x 4" glass on top of the first after applying a small drop of white glue to the corners to make sure it doesn't slip during firing. Add more confetti as desired.
  6. Fire to 1500 degrees F to fuse the glass together in the kiln. This process takes about an hour for the firing and then 6 to 8 hours for cooling.
  7. After the glass has cooled, clean the piece. Place the piece back in the kiln over a slump form and heat to about 1250 degrees F. When the glass has achieved the desired barrette shape, turn off the kiln and let cool for about 6 to 8 hours.
  8. Add further depth to the barrette by adding details in enamel paint to the glass.
  9. After the paint is dry, place the barrette in a kitchen oven at 300 degrees for an hour. Let the glass barrette cool.
  10. Apply glue to the French metal clasp (finding) and adhere to the glass barrette.

Christine Musser, Redmond, Wash.

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