How to Make a Contemporary Glass Mosaic Mirror

Embellish a plain mirror with this design to create a contemporary glass mosaic.


Materials and Tools:

assorted opaque stained-glass pieces, fused-glass pieces, glass nuggets, glass jewels, vitreous glass tile and smalti (or any combination of these)
1/8" window glass (or float glass) and 1/8" mirror to fit your piece OR 1/8" window glass (or float glass)
1/4" beveled mirror OR 1/4" mirror (no bevel)
mirror-edge sealant
3/4" birch hardwood plywood
100-percent latex acrylic house paint and paintbrushes
white craft glue
ceramic-tile adhesive or like-quality adhesive
Mirror Mastic
glass-cutting tools, nippers and pliers
Mosaic Mountsilver-backed copper foil (optional)
craft knife
putty knife
palette knife
hanging hardware
disposable gloves and mask plastic mixing container
mixing stick
sanded grout
Acrylic Mortar Admix
lint-free rags
paper towels
non-ammonia glass cleaner


  1. Prime the wood base back. Let dry.
  2. Apply glue wash (mixture of about five parts water to one part white glue) to top and sides. Let dry for 10 minutes.
  3. Cut mirror into two or three pieces.
  4. Apply mirror edge sealant.
  5. Glue mirror to wood with Mirror Mastic.
  6. Assemble pieces for the design, starting with the fused glass. Select colors.
  7. Cut pieces to desired sizes.
  8. Stack them and tack glue together.
  9. Place in kiln and fuse.
  10. Gather other pieces for design into workspace.
  11. Lay down glass tile and then glue to wood.
  12. Glue other pieces around glass tile. Once all pieces are glued, let dry.
  13. Put on the safety apparel.
  14. Mix grout with Acrylic Mortar Admix in plastic container and let set 10 minutes.
  15. Grout the piece by hand. Let set for 25 minutes, then wipe off grout with damp sponge.
  16. Clean and polish the piece.

Robin Evans, Sedona, Ariz.

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