How to Make a Cappuccino-Scented Candle

Make a coffee mug-themed candle with a cappuccino brulee scent with these simple steps.


Materials and Tools:

pillar-candle wax blend
cappuccino-brulee candle scent
ivory, brown and plum candle dyes
3-by-4-inch pillar-candle mold
metal cooking thermometer
3-inch wick
metal pouring pot
metal can
electric roaster
aluminum baking pan
coffee mug-shaped cookie cutter*
metal spoon*
metal fork*
metal wick holder
cooking spray
wax paper
masking tape
plumber's putty
paper towels/napkins
bamboo skewer
water-based cream-colored paint
water-based brown or antiqued copper paint
medium saucepan with about 1½  inches of water (simmering on stove)
liquid dish soap
cap from ballpoint pen
cap from a nail polish remover bottle

*These items should not be reused for food preparation; discard or use only for candle-making.


1. Melt wax in an electric roaster or double boiler. Bring the temperature of the wax to about 165 to 175 degrees F.

2. Prepare the wick by soaking it in liquid wax for five minutes.

3. Prepare the candle mold by coating the interior with cooking spray. Secure the prepared wick at the bottom of the mold with plumber's putty.

4. Prepare an aluminum baking pan by lining it with wax paper and securing both ends with masking tape.

5. Ladle wax into a metal can. Color it with brown and plum candle dyes (the plum will make the brown a cooler tone) to achieve a nice coffee color. Then add about 1 teaspoon of the cappuccino-brulee scent and stir.

6. Pour the brown wax into the prepared aluminum baking pan and let it set till firm but still pliable.

7. While the brown wax cools in the pan, ladle additional melted wax into the metal pouring pot for the cream-color wax. Note: The amount needed for the cream-colored wax can be measured ahead of time using water. Pour water into the mold and mark the pouring pot with masking tape to determine the exact amount of wax needed.

8. Color this wax using a small amount of ivory candle dye, enough to create a pleasing cream tone. Scent this wax with about 4 to 5 teaspoons of the cappuccino-brulee scent or to the desired strength. Too much scent may leak from the candle if it's oversaturated.

9. Set the cream-colored wax aside to cool.

10. Spray cooking spray onto a napkin and coat the cutting edge of the coffee-mug cookie cutter to keep it from sticking to the wax.

11. When the cooled brown wax seems firm enough to cut, remove the wax paper from the pan and set the wax on a counter lined with wax paper. Then press the coffee-mug cookie cutter onto the wax to cut out the shape. Cut out an extra mug as a spare in case the first mug becomes damaged. Press the end of the cap from a ballpoint pen into the wax to make an indentation for the cup handle. Press the cap from a nail polish remover bottle into the wax to make small circles for additional decoration.

12. Remove the coffee mug shape and place it in the candle mold. Remember that the bottom of the mold is actually the top of the candle, so insert the coffee-mug shape upside down. Leave enough space at the top (bottom) to draw swirls of smoke. Place a small wax circle in the mold on each side of the coffee cup for decoration.

13. When the coffee mug shape is positioned correctly, gently press the wax cutout onto the mold. Be careful not to squash or distort the shape.

14. Re-melt the leftover brown wax in the metal can after making the cutout. This will be used as the final layer of the candle.

15. When the shape is securely in the mold, whip the cream-colored wax that's been cooling in the pouring pot. If it's cooled too much and has started setting up, simply re-melt it in a pan of simmering water.

16. Whip the cream-colored wax with a fork till frothy.

17. Pour the cream-colored wax into the mold, leaving about ¼-inch for the final pour of the brown wax (that has re-melted in the metal can). Secure the wick with a metal wick holder.

18. As the wax starts to cool, continually poke air holes with a bamboo skewer.

19. When the wax seems firm enough to handle the final pour, fill the remainder of the mold with the brown wax.

20. Continue to poke air holes until the holes remain open. Place the candle mold in the refrigerator to speed cooling.

21. Check the candle periodically to make sure the air holes haven't closed. This process is crucial until the candle is thoroughly cooled. If the air isn't allowed to escape, the candle may become distorted.

22. When the candle becomes loose inside the mold, with the sides contracting away from the walls of the mold, fill the air holes with hot wax, carefully spooning it in instead of pouring. The wax should just fill the holes to the top. Don't allow the wax to drip over the sides.

23. When the final amount of wax has dried, remove the candle from the mold.

24. Dampen a paper towel and wipe the residual cooking spray from around the candle. Wipe the top of the candle and around the wick to remove any excess plumber's putty.

25. Mix the paints with a small dot of the liquid dish soap. The liquid soap will help the paint adhere to the candle.

26. Paint swirls and details on the coffee mug candle with a toothpick or a very small paintbrush. Allow to dry.

27. Wait at least two days before burning the candle.

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