How to Knit a Sparkly Snowball Bag

Knit a sparkling snowball bag perfect for holiday parties or to add a touch of fun to any outfit.
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Be ready for the holiday parties with this fanciful bag. The finished size is about 5½ by 4 inches, and the gauge is three stitches per inch, three rows per inch. Knit it loosely for the best effect. Here's how to make it:

Materials and Tools:

3 rolls (9 to 10 yards each) ¼-inch white satin ribbon
3 rolls (9 to 10 yards each) ½-inch organza ribbon
1 roll (22 yards) opaque sequins
6x12-inch and 4-inch square white fabric scrap (cotton or satin)
white thread
size 11 knitting needles
sewing machine


1. Cast on 18 stitches with satin ribbon.

2. Knit the first row.

3. Turn your work over and garter-stitch the second row.

4. Change "yarn" to sequins. Knit one row and garter-stitch one row.

5. Change "yarn" to organza ribbon. Knit one row and garter-stitch one row.

6. Alternate yarns and alternate knitting and garter-stitching each row until the piece is 11½ inches long. If one ribbon type runs out while you're working with it, simply tie on a new roll and continue to work.

7. Bind off.

8. When the piece is finished, place the knit side (right side) down on white fabric. Pin on the long edge.

9. Place under the foot of the sewing machine, with garter-stitch side (wrong side) up so that ribbon doesn't catch in the bobbin below. Sew along the long edge, about ¼-inch, making certain to catch the ends of all ribbons in the seam.

10. Fold the piece in half lengthwise, right sides together, so that it meets with knit touching knit and fabric touching fabric. This will create the side seam.

11. Stitch ¼-inch along the edge of this side seam once again, ensuring that all ribbons are caught on the edges.

12. Turn lining to the outside over the knitted portion. Seams are now sandwiched in the middle.

13. Using the 4x4-inch fabric square, pin the open bottom of the bag through both the knitted portion and the lining to all four sides evenly. Make certain to space all edges so that they pick up the ribbons on the inside. Pin and sew with a ½-inch seam allowance.

14. Turn right side out. You may need to clip the corners of the fabric square slightly to ease the tension.

15. To create a draw-string closure, cut two 20-inch pieces of organza ribbon. Beginning at the side seam, thread one ribbon over three rows of knitting and under three rows of knitting. Continue to seam.

16. Tie the ends of the ribbon in a knot.

17. Beginning on the side directly opposite the seam, repeat with a second length of ribbon. Go through the same over-and-under pattern. Tie the ends off.

18. Draw ribbons tightly to close.

Alternative method: To create a knitted bottom for the bag, simply cast on 12 stitches and knit all in one type of ribbon until the piece is 3½ inches square. Using a blanket stitch, sew the side seam of the bag and then the bottom of the bag with a large darning needle and the skinny satin ribbon. Tie off with organza ribbon as above.

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