How to Design a Bamboo Bracelet

Create a one-of-a-kind bamboo bracelet from bamboo placemat tiles.


Materials and Tools:

8 bamboo tiles (from a bamboo domino tile placemat)
7 three-inch lengths of 16-gauge sterling silver wire
2 five-inch lengths of 16-gauge sterling silver wire
side cutter pliers
flat nose pliers
round nose pliers
polishing cloth for silver
furniture polish for the tiles


  1. With flat nose pliers, put a 90-degree bend 5/8 inch from one end of a 3-inch length of silver wire.
  2. Make another bend about 5/8 inch further down to form a "J" shape.
  3. Slide one of the bamboo tiles onto the long side of the wire. There are two sets of holes in these tiles, so make sure to have the correct side up.
  4. Make two more 90-degree bends in the other end of the wire coming out of the end of the tile.
  5. Take a second bamboo tile and slide one of the short ends of the wire into one hole. Slightly unbend the other end of the wire to get it into the hole on the other side of the tile. This links the two bamboo tiles together.
  6. Repeat steps #1 and #2 and slide the long end of the wire into the second set of holes in the second tile to repeat step #3.
  7. Repeat step #4 and then repeat step #5 with a third tile to link the three bamboo tiles together with two pieces of wire.
  8. Continue this way with all eight bamboo tiles and seven pieces of 3-inch wire. When complete there should be an open set of holes on each of the end tiles.
  9. Take a 5-inch length of wire and make a 90-degree bend about an inch down from one end.
  10. Make another 90-degree bend 5/8 inches down from there to form a "J" shape.
  11. Slide one of the end tiles onto the long side of wire and make a 90-degree bend to capture it. Make another 90-degree bend 5/8 inches down from there to make a rectangle with overlapping ends.
  12. Bend the longer overlap 90-degrees away from the tile at the middle of the tile.
  13. Use round nose pliers to make a loop in the shorter overlap and wrap the loop around the 90-degree bend on the other side to secure it.
  14. Repeat steps #10 to #13 on the tile on the other end of the bracelet.
  15. With the wire sticking out on one side, use round nose pliers to form a ring, and on the other side, a hook that fits into the ring to close the bamboo tile bracelet. Make sure that one is horizontal and the other is vertical so that they fit together.
  16. Polish the silver with a polishing cloth and the bamboo wood with furniture polish.

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