DIY Decoupage Birdhouse

It's easy to transform a basic wooden birdhouse with decoupage.

Tools and Materials:

wooden birdhouses
Anna Griffin Beautiful Butterflies decoupage paper
Royal Coat decoupage medium
Plaid Folk Art paint: cinnamon, basil green, white/cream
wired taffeta ribbon
2 sturdy stickpins
400-grit sandpaper
#0000 steel wool
hot glue gun
glue sticks
scalloped scissors
craft knife


Round birdhouse

1. Sand wood lightly to smooth any rough spots or splinters. Paint the base and the roof's underside basil green. Allow to dry.

2. Paint the perch, the inside opening and the roof in cinnamon. Allow to dry.

3. Trim green striped paper to fit around the edge under the roof and the edge around the base. Adhere with decoupage medium. Use a sharp craft knife for exact cuts.

4. Wrap body of birdhouse with floral print paper. Adhere with decoupage medium.

5. Cut pieces of ribbon to fold into "shingles" and use hot glue to adhere to the roof. The bottom rows of shingles require ribbon pieces about 4-5 inches long; the rows above are only a few inches long. The width of the ribbon determines how many shingles you'll need. Note: The ribbon used here is 1-1/2" wide. For this width, the birdhouse required 10 shingles for each of the bottom two layers; seven for the third layer up; six for the layer above that; and three to finish the top.

6. Cut out two pairs of butterflies. Use a small piece of tape to adhere a pin to the back of a butterfly cutout. Adhere an identical butterfly to the back of the first one with glue, keeping the pin between the two layers. Do the same for the other butterfly.

7. Coat butterflies with several layers of decoupage medium to provide stability. Allow to dry.

8. Stick one butterfly pin into the birdhouse perch and one into the pinnacle of the roof. See finishing instructions at the bottom of this page.

Peaked birdhouse

1. Paint the perch and the inside opening in basil green. Allow to dry.

2. Paint the underside of the roof in white or cream. Allow to dry.

3. Cover the body of the birdhouse with the cream script paper. Adhere with decoupage medium.

4. Cover the roof using the floral paper. Adhere with decoupage medium.

5. Cover the base and the edges of the roof with the green striped paper. Adhere with decoupage medium.

6. Use scalloped scissors to trim a circle of the green striped paper for around the opening. Adhere with decoupage medium.

7. Cut out several butterflies and adhere to body of birdhouse using decoupage medium. Use a sharp craft knife to get precise cuts for the small butterfly details.

To finish each piece:

Achieve the traditional satin look of decoupage by coating the entire surface (except ribbon) with decoupage medium. Allow to dry and sand lightly with 400-grit sandpaper. Wipe clean and "polish" with #0000 steel wool.

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