How to Create a Yarn-Loop Flower Pin

With very few tools you can make these easy flower pins perfect for dressing up hairdos or jackets.


Materials and Tools:

pin back
flower loom
small circle fabric scrap
hot glue gun and glue sticks or strong fabric glue


  1. Cut a generous piece of pink yarn. The flower loom consists of three concentric circles of pegs, numbered 1 to 12 in clockwise order. In between pegs 12 and 1, there is a V-shaped slot. Hook one end of the yarn over the slot to secure it, and leave a 2-inch tail hanging over the back side of the loom. Tape the tail to the backside of the loom.
  2. To make the outside petals: Wrap the yarn over peg 1, then across the circle to peg 7; go around peg 7 and then back up to peg 1. This will make a figure-eight around pegs 7 and 1. Do this three times total.
  3. Wrap the yarn over peg 1 and go across the circle to peg 8. Go around peg 8 with the yarn, back across the circle, and up to peg 2. Repeat the figure-eight around pegs 2 and 8 twice more.
  4. Continue making figure-eights around the pegs in a clockwise fashion until there are 12 sets of figure-eights. This completes the outside layer of flower petals. Tape the end in between the two pegs.
  5. For the middle layer of petals: Cut a generous piece of blue yarn. Place one end of the blue yarn over the V-shaped slot and tape it to the back.
  6. Using the middle circle of pegs, wrap the yarn over peg 1, across to peg 7, around peg 7, and then back to peg 1 to complete the figure-eight shape. Repeat twice more for a total of three figure-eights.
  7. Wrap the yarn over peg 1 and go across to peg 8 and up to peg 2. Make three figure-eights around pegs 8 and 2. Continue clockwise around the middle circle of pegs, making figure-eights around the circle.
  8. For the inside petals: Cut a generous piece of pink yarn and repeat steps 5 through 7 using the innermost circle of pegs.
  9. To finish, cut another piece of pink yarn about 3 feet long, and thread one end through the needle.
  10. Flip the loom over and poke the needle through to the other side in between pegs 1 and 12. Pass the yarn over the yarn loops that go around peg 1 and through to the back side of the loom.
  11. Bring the yarn back to the front in between pegs 2 and 1. Go over peg 2 and back to the other side in between pegs 2 and 1.
  12. Bring the yarn back up next to peg 3, go over peg 3, and back through to the other side in between pegs 3 and 2.
  13. Continue around the circle, weaving the yarn up, through and around each of the petals.
  14. Repeat steps 9 through 13. However, instead of weaving the yarn around each group of yarn loops, go through the middle of each group of yarn loops. Go up through the middle of the loops around peg 1 and then over and down through the loops around peg 12. Come back up through the middle of the loops around peg 2 and back down through the middle of the loops around peg 1. Continue around the circle until complete.
  15. Remove the tape and pop the flower off the loom. Trim yarn ends.
  16. Sew button onto middle of flower.
  17. Flip flower over and glue one end of the fabric to the back side of the flower. Glue the bar pin on top of the fabric. Open the bar pin and fold the other half of the fabric over the open pin. Glue that folded piece over to cover the bottom of the pin.
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