How to Craft a Vinyl Floral Clipboard

Make a colorful, customized clipboard using sticky vinyl.

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Materials and Tools:

clear clipboard
sharp craft knife (break-off blade style is recommended)
colored sticky vinyl: pink, red, green, turquoise, blue (available at sign shops)
pattern template
plastic ruler
metal ruler
rubbing alcohol
blue painter's tape


  1. Create a flower pattern with a scanner and computer and print out in two sizes, one slightly larger than the other. Print an extra set of the patterns for the application process. Print the larger flower in desired color.
  2. Choose pink and red colored vinyl sheets for the flowers.
  3. Place the smaller flower pattern on the pink vinyl and cut out each individual flower petal using a craft knife.
  4. Cut out irregular circles for the center of the flower from red vinyl.
  5. Cut out the larger flower pattern from red vinyl.
  6. Clean the back of the clear clipboard with rubbing alcohol. Let dry.
  7. Clip the copy of the small flower pattern to the front of the clipboard and tape the bottom down with painter's tape.
  8. Working on the back of the clear clipboard, peel away the backing from the red circles and stick them to the clipboard using the pattern on the front as a guide. Peel away the backing on the pink petals and lay them over the red center petal circles following the flower pattern.
  9. Peel away the backing from the red vinyl petals and adhere them over the pink petals.
  10. Measure various widths of green, turquoise and blue vinyl strips using a plastic ruler. Cut the strips from the vinyl by running a craft knife along a metal ruler at the appropriate measurements.
  11. Peel away the backing of the vinyl strips and adhere them to the back of the clipboard side to side. Some of the stripes will overlap the flower.
  12. Trim away the excess vinyl strips on each side of the clipboard.
  13. Cut away the strips behind the flower design of the clipboard.
  14. Remove the pattern from the front of the clipboard.

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