Host a Crafty Kids' Holiday Party

Add a twist to holiday celebrations by throwing a party where kids can help craft the decorations, favors, games and more. Our exclusive (free!) printable templates will get the party started.
By: Erika Snayd

Winter Wonderland

Celebrate this holiday season with a wintry woodland-themed party that features a refreshing, subdued mint-green and red color palette instead of the traditional saturated shades. Easy-to-create handmade decorations on the table, walls — even hanging from the rafters — will make this a party to remember.

Deer On the Move

Craft time is playtime with these moveable card-stock deer. You only need scissors and brads to turn this free printable pattern into an activity for all ages. For the smallest crafters, precut the brad holes to make assembly a breeze.

Guess Who

Have a holiday photo shoot with these printable reindeer costumes. Simply attach a wooden dowel to the cutout shapes then place a costume set by each place setting so everyone can get into character.

Cupcake Creatures

Plastic figurines get a chic makeover to become these cute reindeer cupcake toppers. Click on the link below for complete step-by-step instructions to create your own. Find creative ways to display the cupcakes while incorporating the party's woodland theme — cut or purchase wood slices to use as a stand.

Banner Drink Tag

Make sure the kids don't forget which drink is theirs with a nametag that fits right on their straw. Print our free printable PDF to keep your party personalized and stress-free. Complement the party's color scheme by purchasing striped straws in mint and red.

You're Invited

Spread the word of your kid-friendly festivities with our charming party invite. Print onto card stock then cut out and slide into a standard 5" x 7" envelope. Print extra invites on the day of the party and have the kids draw a picture and sign their name on the back for a nice souvenir.

Setting Up Smart

Top each place setting with a cupcake so kids have both a toy and a treat as soon as they sit down. Surround your cupcakes with these charming wrappers to add some festive pattern to your tablescape. Continue the theme with red-and-white cloth napkins placed under each plate — any messes made can go right into the wash.

Not-So-Hot Chocolate

Pair your custom straw nametags with a hot-chocolate alternative that's safe for the littlest partygoers. Instead of a hot drink, serve cold chocolate milk topped with whipped cream and red sprinkles. Keep an extra pitcher nearby to avoid having to make a fresh batch midparty.

Goodie Bags Go Digital

This party is a great opportunity to snap holiday card photos. Instead of goodie bags, send your guests' parents photos of the event that they can keep and cherish for a lifetime. The kids will love looking back at photos of them having fun with friends.

Sugar Showoff

Add edible color to the table with an assortment of red and green candy. If toddlers are attending, be aware of candy size and choose easy-to-chew varieties. Mix and match white and clear bowls to accentuate the different colors and shapes.

Decaf Decor

Transform that pile of coffee filters you have in the cupboard into chic holiday centerpieces. Get complete instructions for this easy and kid-friendly craft below. Take this activity to the next level by allowing kids to glue on beads, glitter or pom-poms to create their own tree they can take home.

Edible Trees

What's a woodland-themed party without a few trees? These are especially fun because the chocolate-covered stumps conceal a sweet surprise. Have kids guess what the tree pop "stumps" are made out of and watch their excitement as they bite into fluffy marshmallows. Make these woodland treats even tastier by rolling the still-wet chocolate in an assortment of candies.

Artisan Activity

Whether your child is a Van Gogh or more of a Picasso, their creativity will shine when making this mistake-proof paper-chain garland. Be sure to use water-based acrylic paint to ensure any messes are easy to wash off.

Customize Your Cupcake

Add a small amount of green food coloring to white frosting to give your cupcakes a wintry mint hue. Place bowls of white, green and red sprinkles on the table so kids can turn their sweet treats into works of art.

Temporary Decor

Add holiday flair to woodland decor by wrapping mint-green yarn around a set of antlers. The yarn is a no-mess solution and allows you to easily remove the embellishment after the party.

The Little Reindeer That Could

Both boys and girls are sure to have fun dressing up as their favorite holiday character. Turn the reindeer props into a game or have them put on a play.

Have Your Tree and Eat It Too

Not only will kids have a blast making (and eating) marshmallow tree pops, but you will love how they double as fun table decor. Bust out the crayons and let kids add colorful ornaments to their tree or write a special holiday message on the back, but only after the marshmallows have disappeared.

Let It Snow

Live in a warm climate but still have the winter itch? Create a snowstorm (inside) with these whimsical streamers made out of marshmallows and string. Have a guessing game and let the winner, who guesses the closest number of marshmallows, take home a prize.

To Eat or Not To Eat

Kids will love stringing and watching the snowfall grow — if they can stand not to eat it all first. Give your marshmallow snowstorm some color by adding gumdrops or other soft candies to the strands.

Faux Runner

Keep your table spill-proof by painting on a runner instead of using a traditional cloth runner. The kids will be free to craft and play without having you worry about the mess. Have a table you can't bear to paint? Use strips of white tape instead of paint that can easily be removed afterward.

Toy Decor

Spray-paint deer figurines white to provide table decor that keeps kids occupied and doesn't clash with your party's soft colors. Use a spray-on shellac to seal the paint and keep them both food- and kid-safe.

Craft Closet

Have an impromptu dress-up game with extra materials from the party crafts. Coffee-filter hats and marshmallow necklaces are sure to keep your guests entertained.

Dig for Decor

Don't be so quick to dismiss everyday objects as party decorations. The weathered wood tones of this ladder work with the muted decor and, better still, make the ladder look like it came from the North Pole.

Chained Up

When the party is over, take down the decorations and let the kids have some interactive fun, like getting all tangled up in paper garland. Or divvy up the links and let each child take some home to use for a Christmas countdown.

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