Hold It: Garden-Inspired Utensil Holders

Learn how to turn terra-cottas pots into the perfect outdoor entertaining accessory.

Terra-Cotta Utensil Holders

Terra-Cotta Utensil Holders

Terra-cotta flower pots, complete with miniature blooms, have been recycled into utensil holders for summer entertaining.

Terra-cotta flower pots, complete with miniature blooms, have been recycled into utensil holders for summer entertaining.

Once the weather begins to heat up, so does the barbecue grill. It is the season for summer barbecues and parties.

Transitioning from inside dining to outside dining is always great fun. With a little imagination and a few supplies, it is easy to create a rustic and simple way to keep your silverware clean, organized and accessible to your guests.

These terra-cotta pots come in a variety of sizes and colors and are not just for silverware. So, go ahead and make a few extra.

With erasable labels, they are versatile enough to hold utensils, toothpicks, corn cob holders, and napkins. You could even use these as place settings. All you have to do is add each guest's name to the label and fill them with a lovely plant for guests to enjoy at your table or take home to their own gardens.


  • Newspaper 
  • Terracotta pots
  • Garden twine
  • Scissors
  • Miniature corked bottles- Look in the scrapbooking section of the craft store.
  • Chalkboard paint labels- Again, head to the scrapbooking section.
  • Chalkboard paint pen
  • Small flowers
  • Water

Take a peek at the photo gallery below for all of the step-by-step directions.

Utensil Holder How-To

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Transform Flowerpots

Turn ordinary garden pots into tableware for your backyard party.

Round Up Your Supplies

The supplies for this craft were found at my local garden center and craft supply store.

Create the Labels

With your chalkboard pen, write out the names of your utensils on the chalkboard labels. Set them aside to dry. Don't worry, if you make a mistake you can erase this pen with a little bit of water and start over. The stickers are reusable too!

Tie the Knot

With the gardening twine, wrap it around the upper lip of the terra-cotta pot and tie it on with a knot. Be sure to keep at least 8 inches of twine hanging from the tied knot. You will need this to adhere the vase.

Uncork the Bottles

Remove the corks from the miniature bottles. These will become our vases.

Add the Vase

Wrap the twine around the neck of your miniature bottle and tie a bow. Add water to the little bottle.

Gather Tiny Blooms

Take a trip around your garden, and gather delicate tiny blooms for your miniature vases.

A Miniature Flower Bouquet

Add the flowers to the miniature vase.

Label It

Apply the chalkboard paint sticker to the flower pot and fill them with utensils of your choice.

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