Enchanting Ice Vases

Create ice vases to add a glittering, frosty touch to your home's holiday decor.


Ice vases bring a bit of elegant shine to your home.

Ice vases bring a bit of elegant shine to your home.

Materials and Tools:

3 empty 64 oz. paper juice cartons
3 empty 32 oz. paper juice cartons
small candy boxes or tin foil
decorative pebbles (to weight containers and to fill tray)
eucalyptus branches
white spray paint
spray glue
glitter flakes
white votive candles
shallow tray with raised edge


1. Wash empty juice cartons and thoroughly dry them. Add two inches of water to the bottom of each 64 oz. juice carton and place in freezer until frozen. This will create a bottom for each of the vases.

2. Remove large juice cartons from freezer and place smaller cartons inside each. Make sure the smaller carton is centered inside each larger carton and fill with rocks to keep the smaller carton from shifting around once water is added. This smaller carton will create the shape of the inside of the ice vase.

3. Fill the channel between the larger and smaller cartons with water. Do not fill the smaller carton (containing rocks) with water.



4. To keep the smaller carton in place and ensure that all sides of the vase will be the same size, place small candy boxes or crumpled tin foil between the two cartons.

5. Place all three vases in the freezer overnight, allowing the water to freeze solid.

6. Glitter branches by coating them with spray glue then covering them with a thorough dusting of glitter flakes. Lightly spray eucalyptus branches with white spray paint to give them a frosted look.

7. Remove vases from freezer. Remove candy boxes or tin foil and rocks. Pour a little warm water into the smaller carton to loosen the ice surrounding it, which should allow it to slide out easily.



8. Next, tear away the large juice carton to reveal the completed ice vase. Place the three vases on tray and surround them with eucalyptus branches and pebbles.

9. Add glittered branches to central vase and place votive candles in the two surrounding vases.

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