Easy Y-Seam Block

Learn to make an y-seam block with these easy-to-follow instructions, and you'll be well on your way to creating an Attic Windows quilt.


Materials and Tools:

4-1/2" fabric square
two, 6-7/8" x 2-/12" fabric rectangles
45-degree angle ruler
rotary cutter




1. Stack rectangles on top of each other with like sides together and align ruler to cut off one end at a 45-degree angle using a rotary cutter.



2. In preparation for sewing, measure 1/4" from the edge of the fabric and mark a dot with a water-soluble pen.



3. Align one of the amended rectangles on top of the square. Notice that the corner doesn't align perfectly.



4. With marked side of the fabric showing, stitch the aligned fabric pieces together along one edge, stopping and backstitching just before you reach the dot.



5. Align the second amended rectangle of fabric onto the square as shown.

6. Flip fabric over and, starting at the dot, backstitch a couple of stitches then sew along the edge to the end of the fabric.



7. Clip the thread and open up the piece. At the corner, make certain you can see the square fabric in between the side fabric pieces. If you can't see it, you've overstitched. To remedy, rip out a few seams.



8. Align cut angles of fabric, stitch to the dot (approximate if you can't see it), then backstitch again.

9. Press the 45-degree seam open from the back then press the center seam to one side.

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