Easy Mother's Day Gift: Make Funky Felt Vases

This fun kid's craft is the perfect gift that looks cute all year round.

Mother's Day Vases

Looking for a fun and easy project for Mother's Day that kids will love to make and Mom will love to get? Try making these cute vase covers. With a little bit of felt you can turn boring drinking glasses, old cans or recycled jars into cute, personalized vases. So grab your felt, glue, scissors and kids and get started.

A Round Vase

To create your vase covers you'll need two large pieces of felt, exactly the same size and shape. You can make the vase and size and shape you like, but keep in mind the glass or jar it needs to fit over. You don't want your vase cover to be too small. Try tracing things around your house for interesting shapes. Use a dinner plate for a circle base, but gently trim one side for a flat base. Cut out shapes like these hearts and leaves to glue on your main pieces.

Lots of Circles

Your large piece doesn't have to be symmetrical. As long as the two pieces are the same size and shape you can make the shape as unusual as you'd like. Try contrasting a funky base shape with lots of standard shapes, like these perfect circles.

Three in One

You vase doesn't need to have only one opening. A shape like this with three necks is perfect for placing over three small glasses or vases. Or you can create multiple openings over one single cup.

Organic Shapes

If you'd like a very organic feel to your vase, don't cut any perfect shapes. A series of misshapen circles can look just like a pile of pebbles.

Creating Your Vase

Put all your felt pieces together by gluing the small pieces on top of the large piece. You can glue small pieces on both sides or just on the front side. Then glue the sides of the large piece together, leaving the bottom and top open.

Covering the Glass

Once the glue is fully dry place your felt vase shape over your glass. It should fit somewhat snugly to remain stable. If you use a very small glass with a very large felt cover it may topple over.

Fill with Flowers

If your cover fits well over your glass it's time to add the flowers. It's easiest to add water to the glass before you place the felt cover on. Once the glass is full and the cover is in place, begin filling with flowers. Make sure your flower stems are long enough to reach the water as you arrange them.

Circle Vase

The shape of your felt cover may look very different once the glass is inside it. This circle gets so much narrower at the bottom that it echos the shape of the hearts glued on it. If you're really picky about the final product keep this change in mind.

Overlapping Circles

Feel free to overlap the shapes you glue onto your felt vases. Ordinary circles take on a whole new life when they are placed on top of each other.

Orderly Triangles

You can create a much calmer pattern on your vase by paying close attention to how your shapes overlap. Use orderly rows of triangles or squares to create beautiful and exotic patterns.

Storing Your Vases

Once your done creating and displaying your beautiful new vases, simply slip the cover off and flatten it again for easy storage. These vase covers take up almost no space and can be stored almost anywhere, ready to pull out again any time you need a splash of color.

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