Dyed Silk Scarf

Design a silk scarf with stamping, silkscreening and painting with these step-by-step instructions.


Project by Angela Ehrig from Bellevue, Wash.

Angela moved to the United States from Hamburg, Germany, in 1990, and entered the world of art after realizing that she was not being fulfilled by her day job alone. She taught herself various techniques for making clothing, jewelry and accessories, taking classes here and there, but mostly learning through observing others. In this project, she designs a silk scarf involving stamping, silkscreening and painting.




4 yards Habotai silk
soda ash
Procion fabric dye
discharge paste
squeegee tool
silk screen
fabric stamps
fabric paint


1. To dye fabric: Prepare your dye bath using two colors of pigment. Mix the two colors. Shake to combine colors well. Wear safety goggles and mask while mixing dye pigments.

2. Dump mixed colors into hot water with soda ash and salt.

3. Immerse the silk into the dye bath. Allow the silk to sit in the dye bath for 4 hours. The color will be almost black.

4. Pour entire dye bath bucket into shop sink. Wring out the fabric, wearing gloves, and place it into a washing machine. Run fabric through on a rinse cycle to remove most of the dye and allow to spin.

5. Then wash fabric on a regular wash cycle. Place into dryer to dry.

6. Lay dyed silk fabric on the cutting table and place the pre-made silk screen on the fabric.

7. Put discharge paste into the silkscreen. Use a squeegee to squeeze discharge paste through the screen and onto the silk beneath it. Remove silkscreen from fabric. It will just look wet in the design areas. Use a steam iron to activate the discharge paste. Place the iron directly onto the paste-moistened areas. The longer the heat is on, the lighter the design area will be.

8. Optional: Using a paintbrush, dab more discharge paste on places where you want design to be lighter.

9. Use a paintbrush to apply fabric paint in select areas.

10. Dab a stamp into fabric paint or dye and press onto the silk fabric to get another layer of color and texture.

11. Give the scarf a final wash cycle on hot. Hang to dry.

12. To make the scarf: Press the hem in place with iron and sew. Use a sewing machine to create a basic seam all the way around.

Website: www.engaylasdesigns.com

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