Drilled Dice Bracelet

Guest Danette Ward makes a one-of-a-kind drilled dice bracelet.


In addition to being a decoupage "diva" Danette Ward also dabbles in dice–not gambling with them, but turning them into one-of-a-kind bracelets and necklaces.




3 to 5 dice
1/8" drill bit
jewelry wire
jewelry clasp
jewelry wire cutters
jewelry crimpers
glass beads and tubes
crimp beads
miniature rhinestones
vice grip
instant cyanoacrylate glue
beading tray


1. Secure vice grip onto level work surface.

2. Put one die into vice grip at a 45-degree angle.

3. With the drill, start on the upper left-hand corner of the dot on the "three" side of the die.



4. Slant the drill so you are drilling at a diagonal into the die.

5. Stop midway through the die.

6. Take the die out of the vice grip and turn it over to the "four" side.



7. Secure the die and drill at a slant on the bottom left-hand corner dot of the "four" side. These dots should be opposite one another so if you drew a line connecting the two, it would be a perfect diagonal.

8. Drill halfway into the die so it meets the other drill hole you just made.



9. Repeat the drilling of the die until you have the desired number for the bracelet (or necklace). An odd number is the best–one, three or five.

10. Working on one side of the die, put small dabs of instant (cyanoacrylate) glue into the die dots.

11. Place the tiny rhinestones on the glue with tweezers.



12. Allow the side to dry for at least five minutes before turning the die to do the other sides.

13. Measure the desired length of your bracelet or necklace. With jewelry wire cutters, cut off an extra four inches from the desired length.



14. Starting with the left side of the bracelet, string glass tubing or glass beads onto the wire. Add the dice followed by more glass tubing and beads.



15. Repeat the beading sequence on the other side of the wire.

16. Place one crimp bead on the end of one side of the bracelet (or necklace).

17. Loop a jewelry clasp through the wire after the crimp bead.

18. Using the end of the wire, go back through the crimp bead and through at least three to four beads after that.

19. Tug the end of the wire firmly to close any gaps between each bead, crimp bead and clasp.



20. Crimp the crimp bead using a jewelry crimper.

21. Repeat these steps on the other side of the bracelet/necklace.

E-mail: danette@divadecoupage.com

Website: www.divadecoupage.com

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