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26 Adorable DIYs for Cats + Cat Lovers

These cute, feline-friendly DIY projects will keep your craft creativity purring for hours.

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Photo: Cassidy Garcia

These DIY Crafts Are The Cat's Meow

If your love of crafting is only surpassed by your love of cats, put down what you're doing and try these DIY projects right meow. Upgrade your feline friend's scratch pad, build them a cozy hideout and save a few bucks by crafting catnip toys to keep them entertained for hours. We even included a few cat-inspired projects for you to enjoy as well.

Start with this stylish upcycled cat hammock, which not only elevates your pet when they're relaxing but also your living room decor. Wrap the legs of an existing piece of furniture with jute rope and choose a colorful hand towel to serve as the hammock. For an added bit of luxury, line the base with faux fur. Your kitty may never want to leave.

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Photo: Flynnside Out Productions

Cozy, Upcycled Pop-Up Tent

Create the ultimate lair for your best bud with an old shirt and some simple supplies. First, clip and straighten two wire hangers, and bend both into an arch. Cross them over one another, securing them at the top with duct tape. Push the end of each wire through the corners of the cardboard base below, bending at a 90-degree angle to secure. Next, drape the shirt over the wire framework, lining up the collar along the base to create an entryway. Neatly fold and wrap the sleeves and excess material around the bottom of the cardboard base and secure with tape.

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Photo: Flynnside Out Productions

Boho-Chic Basket Lounge

Whether your cat is super playful or downright lazy, they'll love this aerial lounge with a killer view. The key to this project is making sure your basket is super sturdy (ideally with a metal frame) and hanging it from the ceiling using a proper anchor to support your cat's weight. Use an embroidery hoop at the top to give kitty more space to lounge and play.

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Photo: Flynnside Out Productions

Wall Art or Scratch Pad?

If you have a cat that loves to use their claws, you'll both dig this clever, DIY scratch pad. Refurbish an old frame by giving it a fresh coat of paint, then replace the art with a patterned door mat (coco coir works best) trimmed to fit the frame. You'll need a deep-set frame and heavy-duty tape to secure the mat inside the frame. Once you're finished, hang it with proper anchors and hardware so it will stay put during playtime.

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