DIY Wind Chimes Make Garden Music

Add some restful sound to your garden with this easy wind chime project.

Soft Sound

The trill of birdsong, a trickling garden pond, and melodious wind chimes all contribute to a peaceful garden soundscape. Creating your own wind chimes to keep or to give as a gift will embellish any garden with the gift of sound.

Gather the Materials

You will need: 5' conduit 3/4" diameter / 10 inch wood craft round / 5 inch wood craft round/ pipe cutter / drill with 1/8" metal drill bit / ruler with metric measurements / 11 eye screws/ clear filament or fishing line / scissors / twine / Note: if you cannot find the craft rounds, you can make them from a board and a spiral saw. Paint or stain/seal wood as desired.

Cut the Pipes

Begin by cutting the conduit for the pipes. For more precision, we have used metric measurements. The measurements will determine the pitch of the pipes and produce chimes that sound good together. Cut one each of the following measurements: 25.4cm, 24cm, 22.5cm, 20.8cm and 19.5 cm.

Make the Holes

The measurements of the holes matter, too. From largest to smallest pipe, mark and drill holes at the following spots: 5.7cm, 5.4cm, 5.1cm, 4.7cm, and 4.4cm. Mark the pipe on both sides and drill from the outside inward on both holes of each pipe for a clean finish.

Add the Screws for Hanging

Make a mark on the edge of the 10" wood round and mark every 6.25" around the circumference of the board. Measure 1 inch in from the marks and insert an eye screw in each of the five spots. Screw one more eyelet into the very center of the round to hang the smaller round. Screw an eyelet into the center of both sides of the smaller round.

String the Chimes

Using a long piece of clear filament or fishing line, string the chimes by running the filament through an eyelet, then both sides of a chime, then the next eyelet. Repeat until all chimes are strung. Tie filament with a double knot at the end and cut. Make the string extra long. Adjustments can be made after the chimes are hung.

Attach the Hanger

Carefully flip the large round and insert 3 eye screws in the center making a triangle with each point 2" apart. Tie 30" pieces of twine to each eye screw and double knot. Trim excess.

Finishing touches

Tie a knot in all three pieces of twine 6" from the top of the round. Braid if desired and tie a knot at opposite end. Attach an 8" piece of twine to eye screw on bottom of large round and top of small round. Attach 8" piece of twine to bottom of small round and an object that can catch the wind and that is heavy enough to cause small round to bump into chimes. We've used a vintage measuring cup, but you could use a small piece of wood or decorative teacup.

DIY Wind Chimes

Make final adjustments to the length of the filament and adjust chimes. Then this easy wind chime project is ready to add some music to your backyard or garden.

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