DIY Valentine Log Vase

Present your valentine with flowers in this rustic vase with romantic charm.

Log Love

Nothing says romance like a gift you make yourself.

Gathering the materials

You will need:

scrap log (about 6 inches in diameter)

hand saw or circular saw


drill with 1 3/8" bit


braces and scrap wood (optional)

craft knife


Begin by cleaning the log and removing any debris. Trim as needed.

Determining the size

Use a vase to determine the length of your vase and mark with a marker. Use a handsaw or circular saw to cut as evenly as possible.

Sanding the top

Sand the top and bottom of the log to make the edges flat.

Boring the hole

Bore a hole in the center of the log as straight down as possible. Remove any excess sawdust and sand the edges.

Bracing the log

To hold the log steady while you drill, consider bracing the base of the log with scrap wood and braces. Then hold the scrap wood still by standing on it.

Carving the log

Use a craft knife to carve a heart or message on the outside of the vase. Sand any loose parts out of the inside of the vase. Alternatively, burn the loose pieces away carefully with a long match.

Valentine Log Vase

Fill the vase with water and flowers as you would any vase.

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