DIY Seed Bombs

Share your love of gardening by creating seed-filled "bombs" to turn flower-free landscapes into meadows.
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Photo By: Image courtesy of High Country Gardens

Make Your Own Seed Bombs

Seed bombing is a fun way to broadcast seeds into areas of your yard that need some extra color. The paper encasing keeps the seeds moist, creating a perfect environment for germination. These little gems will change the way you garden! What you will need: junk mail straight from the shredder (limit your choices to the non-glossy variety); water; immersion blender; wildflower seeds specific to your region.

Junk Mail

Start by shredding your junk mail or tearing it into small pieces.

Soak Your Mail!

Soak the paper in a bowl of warm water to soften.


Blend with an immersion blender until the shreds become a paper pulp.


Strain the pulp in a sieve to remove excess water.

Roll Into Balls

Sprinkle your seeds into the pulp and mix well. Roll into balls and allow to dry.

And Wait!

Before long, your bombs will yield beautiful wildflowers.

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