DIY Napkin Ring Ideas: The Best for a Buck

Create a stunning holiday tablescape without breaking the bank. Turn to your local dollar store to craft napkin rings from unexpected and wallet-friendly materials.

Faux Tree Trimmings

Many artificial tabletop trees are sold with replacement branches. Use scissors to cut the branches into 4-inch strips, then wrap them around napkins. For embellishments, add jingle bells to the branches with twine.

Metal Clamps

Add an industrial touch to your tablescape with a miniature clamp napkin ring. Look for clamps 3-inches wide or smaller, then slide the folded napkin through the clamp before securing it in place.

Chalkboard Paper

Search the crafts section for chalkboard paper or card stock. To outfit them as napkin rings, cut into 3-inch-long strips, then make 1-inch slits with scissors. Wrap the paper around the napkin and secure it in place by tying ribbon through the slit.

Bailing Wire

Bailing wire, found in most home improvement sections, is used for hanging or securing objects in place. Add a touch of industrial style to your table by unfurling bailing wire from its spool, then winding it into a 2-inch-wide cylindrical shape.


Create a conversation starter by repurposing a fork as a napkin ring. Bend the fork backwards onto itself, creating a small curve to keep the head of the fork held upright.


Strands of metallic tinsel garland are excellent materials for festive napkin rings. Easy to cut with craft scissors, the wire of the garland is malleable and easy to shape into a perfect circle.

Gift Wrap Tubes

Don't let holiday gift wrap tubes go to waste. Use a utility knife to cut the tubes into 3-inch-long sections. Choose colorful materials to wrap around the tubes to create pattern and introduce texture. Here, a variety of string in purple tones was used to keep the napkin ring coordinated with the rest of the tablescape.

Ruffled Ribbon

Play with texture and shadows with ruffled ribbon fabric. Buy a spool of ruffled ribbon, then cut it into 4-inch-long strands. Add Velcro to the back of each end and wrap the ribbon around the napkin.

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